Lions News: Penei Sewell disappointed in his performance at left tackle

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I think I would have kept him at RT. Less of an impact on the rest of the line imo + it keeps Sewell operating at his best.

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I agree. I am still of the view that if you don’t have a back-up at every position to start the season you don’t have a complete roster. Never understood this one.


Really the O-line was pretty good with Decker out.

We moved the ball very well, had over 400 yards, scored 31 points. Goff played well and there were times when Goff could have had a sandwich in the pocket he had so much time.

Gotta clean up the turnovers though. That aint winning football.


The only person disappointed in him was himself. He wrecked dudes. Anyone hear what Schareth said about his performance after watching the tape?

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I tend to agree with this strategy overall, but it’s tough to pull off at OL. You almost have to have guys who can play more than one position, keeping ten isn’t really viable (unless you’re counting practice squad).

good point : )

I am thinking of the practice squad here (a viable back-up - not sure if Ifedi was as I don’t know what side he plays on, but I did like him).

What’s the latest on Decker?

Right we technically have depth on the PS, but I don’t know that Galvin, Neise, or Pircher really count. On the flip side Awosika probably does, which is why he got called up.


Looks like he’s probably out for at least the ATL game.

Until V went out then I think the line regressed and Seattle started to get pressure.

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