Lions news: Spotrac predicting very reasonable Jared Goff extension

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Spotrac and Bleacher report both say 4 at 180 aka 45M AAV.
Ill take that deal in a heartbeat!


I’ll take that if accurate.

His contract at 49m AAV assuming cap amount increases of 10%, 8%, 7%, 7% would be

18%, 16% 15% 14% roughly., back of the envelope Mark 1 organic calculator says.


Everytime I click on these threads I expect the actual extension. I would be thrilled with those #’s.

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Would put him 11th highest paid (average cap hit remaining)

1 Watson $64
2 Dak $59
3 Lamar $56
4 Mahomes $50
5 Stafford $50
6 Jones $49
7 Hurbert $49
8 Allen $49
9 Murry $49
10 Burrow $48
11 Goff $46
12 Cousins $45

With pending extensions for Tua and Love this year and
lawrence, Fields and purdy next year

Currently Goff is the 9th highest Cap hit for a QB for 2024

The sooner you realize that cap hits are meaningless, the sooner you will post something useful about a players contract.

Cap hit is how the team is constructed. Again. Lamar vs Hurts. Nearly identical AAV. But lamar is over double the cap hit.

But if you must know. This would put him at ~5th AAV (including this year) roughly the same as Murray and watson.

Less than Burrow, Hurbert, lamar and hurts.

But again. Sure Watson is only $46AAV.
But his cap hit remaining (how much money is still owed) is nearly $64m aav.

You seem to have an affinity for the salary cap. Seems like you’d understand this part better than you do.