Lions No. 1 in the Power Rankings--a sign of the Apocalypse? Yep

Recency bias teams– I assume a lot of power rankings will have the Dolphins or Lions at No. 1. The only reason is because of what happened most recently. Don’t forget what happened before.

The Dolphins failed their one big test to date, losing to the Bills by 28. The Lions lost to the Seahawks at home. Miami’s dud and Detroit’s stumble didn’t happen in Week 6 but it doesn’t mean we can ignore them. That said, both teams have an argument to be No. 1. The Lions in particular have a great argument to top the rankings, but are you ready to live in a world where the Lions are the NFL’s best team? That might be a sign of the apocalypse.


I guess the writer is not willing to live in a world that has the Lions as the #1 team since he made them #2. LOL


The world is a bit Armageddon adjacent right now so I can’t blame him

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CBS has them at 3 but then nobody at CBS knows their ass from a hole in the ground.

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Up is Down
Down is Right
Right is Wrong
Lions Superbowl Favorites


The apocalypse is here, whether we win or not.


  1. War. Already here.

  2. NWO/WEF/Agenda 2030/you will own nothing and like it/eat ze bugs, digital currency/end of democracy and self-rule, but “peace”.

  3. The Warning.

  4. More War.

  5. The End.


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