Lions only have a chance to host 2022 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft is being hosted by Cleveland and 2023 will be hosted by Kansas City. When will the Lions ever host a draft?

[quote=“LionKing101, post:1, topic:847, full:true”]When will the Lions ever host a draft?
Right after never. It’s Detroit.

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Lions fans are hands down the most avid football fans in all of football fandom.

The NFL should reward the Detroit Lions fans continual support of its worst franchise and for helping to fill the coffers of the NFL.

After we win the super bowl next year.


That would be nuts!!

There would have to be a DEN member delegation representing at that party.

So you want to reward Lions fans by reminding the world how chitty of a city Detroit is?

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But what a football festive chitty city it would be…:blush:

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Just hold the event in Windsor. It would be safer. :slight_smile:

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To be fair, all you need is one really nice street. Worked for this year’s draft, and it will again next year (although I still think its a mistake to have it on Fremont Street.)

When I heard it was going to be in Vegas, this was the first place I thought they should have it.

Where would you have it?

Hart plaza could work out. They have large events there (Countryfest, Int’l Jazz Festival & Movement Detroit Techno Bowl). They have packed 100k for some events there. The RenCen, river with the Windsor backdrop is very doable.

Crowds can go east/west along the river as well as up Woodward. The only drawback would be the unpredictable weather scenario.

Chitty City Bang Bang has a certain ring to it… Fitting too…:slightly_smiling_face:

Sombody call Disney! A dude has his magical car stolen which is then used in fly by shootings during the NFL draft in Detroit, taking the wind out of the Lions sails yet again. I smell an oscar…

They have some really nice streets in Detroit…they are called not Detroit.

But honestly, Detroit is a somewhat unique city (rare but not alone). I realize that I’m going to get hammered by some here, but Detroit is the rare major city where just about everything in the proper city limits is garbage. The most worthwhile places in Detroit do not carry a Detroit name…the better parts of “Detroit” are the surrounding areas that have different names. As a small example of the concept I’m talking about even though its not the be all end all…where did the Lions play for many years? Pontiac. Where did the Pistons play? Auburn Hills. Where is the Lions practice facility? Allen Park.

Detroit is on the rise and I damn near signed up to work for one of the companies who’s renovating the old downtown section and bringing it back to life. But while we can all find little pockets of Detroit that are relatively acceptable for a big event like the draft, there’s no doubt that Detroit is a frickin joke compared to many other major cities when you are talking about the proper city limits.

Okay, now flame me Detroit apologists!

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There is a renaissance of sorts in the city proper.

Chrysler is still in Auburn Hills, but the area (Silverdome and Palace) really has suffered by the closing of auto plants. You do know what the Silverdome sold for, right?

Metro Detroit is a melting pot with pockets of good and bad. It’s an eclectic area whose most pronounced features are the scars of being the center of the rust belt.

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Toshiba Plaza, while not being as large OVERALL, has a lot more space that would be a much better staging space for it.

Fremont is really narrow, and just doesn’t have the eye-catching scenery the Strip does.

Hell, shut down the strip for a few hours – treat it like New Year’s Eve. Just put it on the actual Strip, screw it.

(I’d recommend Raiders Stadium, but they don’t have any parking, and won’t for a while, possibly even next season or thereafter … it’s a seriously stupid setup.)

It makes more sense to me now that most of my relatives out there live in St. Claire Shores.