Lions only one of 11 teams. …

With the same starting QB all year.

21 teams have started more than one QB this season….


Good O line and a whole lot more luck. I wouldn’t read into it any more than that. However, it is nice to know we don’t have a glass QB… especially with those behind him.


Makes you want to smack Holmes in the head for the shitpile we have behind Goff.

Absolutely cant have that next year. Its Big Jump year, and if you have the team in place but have Goff down 5 games from a finger on helmet squish…and we lose 3 of em? Season over.



And two of them will be ex-lions this weekend.
The second and third ex-lion this season.


With last one taken off PS an looking ok makes you wonder how good is are backup

I will name him just for you expects on QBs Nate Sudfeld

Both of which were PS level guys.

We have no idea what our backup QB can do. I know what he has done before.

I want Shaun Hill, or the next iteration of him at least.

Which when looking at the FA list is somewhere in the Keenum/Bridgewater/Darnokd speztrum assuming Jets resign Mike White


I’m happy to see we’ve been blessed on this….

Yes, it was one thing last season when there was nothing at stake, but obviously that isn’t the case anymore. I think there’s a good chance to get a talented backup/project in this draft, it is in fact a deep draft for QB’s and one that does have the depth to produce a starter in the NFL. Of course Hooker falling would be a great option, but later looks at Jaren Hall and Max Duggan should be an option. I know Stetson Bennett has been all but eliminated because of his size but he is someone who might be available as an UDFA. Anyway, I would be very surprised if in the 3rd day we don’t end up with a QB at some point.

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Still a chance for Driskel or Daniel to get a start. Especially Daniel if LA doesn’t have anything to play for next week.

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If we truly want a good backup Gardner Minshew is the guy. He may want to go somewhere where there isn’t an established starter though and he would likely cost a decent bit. There is actually a bit of a surplus of FA QBs this year.

Tom Brady
Lamar Jackson (Will be franchised)
Geno Smith (Likely franchised)
Gardner Minshew
Cooper Rush
Andy Dalton
Mike White
Jimmy Garrapolo
Teddy Bridgewater
Jacoby Brisset
Sam Darnold
Baker Mayfield
Daniel Jones
Drew Lock
Case Keemun
Taylor Heinecke

With all these guys the market for a backup QB may be a little depressed. I would love any of these guys as a backup if they cost less then 3-4mil a year.


To clarify I realize I have legit starters on this list I just listed them to show how many FA QBs will be out there.


Most of these guys are going to cost like 7-8 mil per year as a backup. Bridgewater and Keenum currently make like 7. The way to get one for cheaper is through the draft.


Don’t forget about Boyle.

I think we can forget about Boyle.


A lot of this depends on what kind of backup the team wants. Joshua Dobbs might have been a nice backup next year as a chaos guy, sort of like Heinecke and White. Not the best, but a guy who will leave it out there. I really don’t have a problem with Sudfeld on a bargain contract, not sure why others think he isn’t adequate.

But yeah, if the team wants to spend on a guy with a lot of starting experience then that’s okay with me.

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He was pretty good at Indiana, I just haven’t seen any tape since then. It was said we weren’t the only team that was pursuing him when he was waived, but who knows. He’s a pocket passer, had decent results when he had time, I dunno, maybe he is a competent choice. Losing out to Mr Irrelevant is actually not as bad as it first appeared.

There is definitely a skill behind being rostered for a decade without any meaningful playing time. I wonder if the Niners would have cut him knowing Lance would get hurt. Sudfeld got beat out by Garoppolo as much as Purdy. He spent '21 on the practice squad.

Which is why I put “competent back up QB” super high on my list next year if the Lions plan to be actual contenders

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If Marcus Mariota was willing to be a backup, I’d be all for a guy like him. If say Goff got hurt, now the defenses have to face a totally different style of QB that can take off running and also throw on the run. He’d also be great to have the Lions defense face in practice because mobile QB’s kill us. And he has plenty of starting experience and has won 34 games.

Now, would he be willing to be a backup!? Who the heck knows. I really don’t see him getting a starting job anywhere else.

It’s more than that. Look at the guy’s career. It’s one of the main reasons he’s won me over to where I’m not insisting on a first round QB. He’s tough and doesn’t miss games.

Let’s hope he survives the jinx thread.
Could be Sudafed starting against the Pack for a playoff spot.