Lions Part Ways With Highly Touted Rookie LB Weeks After Signing Him

Too bad. Made me think of this guy…

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always a long shot…

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Now we know who tattled on the Lions for contact in practices. !!


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“Highly Touted Rookie LB”



Wow! I thought he had a real shot.

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So highly touted that he wasn’t drafted.


Trust me when I say I would’ve been absolutely shocked if he made the final roster.

I guess I’m a bit surprised they didn’t take him into camp, but I’m not shocked he’s being let go.


My guess is he showed up not committed or not progressing from coaching…

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Must not have fit their culture.

With $75K guaranteed base, it’s the 3rd highest of the UDFA’s. Pretty significant for an UDFA, but compared to other NFL players, fairly insignificant.


dang was looking forward to see him play for us this season, see what he could do-but since they scrapped him there had to be a good reason for it.

I think they were a little concerned that he would make Barnes look bad so they acted proactively, at least that is what some guy in a cap was telling me. Take it for what it’s worth.


None of us saw him as having a strong shot at making this roster. But why release him now? Doing the player a favor doesn’t feel correct in this case. I think the answer is likely the Lions saw enough.

Either he was late to stuff OR he wasn’t a skill fit. I think it is that simple.

This says to me we would not even want him on our practice squad. Oh well. Good luck Steele.

I think every year there has to be a guy that the coaching staff uses as an example of not being a fit early… You need to show up committed and ready or else. I think there was a DT that was loved last year that made the PS 2 years ago but was cut early last off season to the surprise of everyone.

This would surprise me. Steele had a pretty good reputation at Ohio State for stuff like this.

I just never thought he was that good, which to me explains why he got cut.

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Exit the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

We’re now lacking a bit in terms of the name game. Is Racey McMath a FA? We should go sign him to compensate.

Somebody around here was hyping him up to make the roster… as a RB.

The cool name must not have been enough.