Lions Pick…

Put so much thought into the Rams pick, I haven’t thought much about the Lions. Obviously, we want to win no matter if Seattle wins or loses. Denying GB the playoff on their home field would feel great.

If we don’t win the game, I am trying to figure out best scenario to improve the Lions pick.

We would hope Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Washington, and Jets win. Based on my numbers, that would give us pick #13. Potential #5 and #13 plus two 2nd rounders to this already fast rising team should put us in contention to contend next year.

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The human brain was honed over eons of prehistoric time in a much different sporting environment. It is not equipped to handle such a dispiriting theoretical scenario as a season-ending Lions loss to the Packers.


I prefer the stoned ape theory.

On a similar note i really like the aquatic ape theory as well.

I spent years studying paleoecology, genetics, and evolutionary biology.


Seems the Bored Ape is nearing extinction.



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Exactly! Eating mushrooms not licking toads.

Toad = 5-methoxy-n n-dimethyltryptamine

Mushrooms = 4-phosphoryloxy-n n-dimethyltryptamine

Both work on our endogenous nn-DMT neurotransmitter system.


I just walk around eating mushrooms and licking toads every spring. Hasn’t failed me yet.

As our ancestors left the jungle and moved into the planes they found a new readily available psychedelic food source… that happened to coincide with the time frame when the brain suddenly doubled in size.

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Terrance McKenna’s theory has gotten more traction with the discovery of the endogenous dmt neurotransmitter system (dr Rick Strassman did some/most of the work)

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