Lions place guard Lang on IR with neck injury

This isn’t much of a surprise, but still unfortunate. Not sure what his career looks like going forward …

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Hopefully retirement, for his benefit…but he’s played his last game as a Lion IMO


Aaaaand there it is.

Please hang 'em up, Lang’er. Ya done. :expressionless:

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One can only hope.

11.7m next year or 2.9 dead cap.


Thanks for the good 2017 brah. Go live the rest of your life instead of increasing your odds of CTE, which dont seem awesome for you unfortunately.

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Also…WarDaddy. Dang. Bright side is that Quin, Lang and Tate is starting to add up to some real dough…cap wise

It’s a shame how this signing went. He played well when he could. I just hope he gets the long term life after football. Seems like a good guy.