Lions plan more playing time for Bruce Irvin

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May it light a fire under Charles Harris.


Or Julian Okwara or Romeo Okwara


looking forward to seeing what they get done moving forward .


With the other thread having positive news on Houston.

How about a 3rd down nascar squad of Hutch, Irvin, Houston and Alim and or Paschal.

Gotta get them healthy though

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I’m hoping for 15 sacks in this game….

The NFL record for team sacks is 14 ….

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Put hutch down at 3t with houston and irvin on that side and overload it with a good edge setter like pashal on the other edge… would at a minimum be interesting

I saw something about Irvin missing practice today but can’t confirm it. Anyone hear anything?

Nothing serious. Minor ankle injury says he will practice Thursday.

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I saw a tweet. Basically he’s on the practice squad and lions don’t have to provide any information. Irvin said he tweaked his ankle but wasn’t serious. Will be back at practice tomorrow.

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