Lions practice outside in snow despite next game being held indoors

Ummm … ok.

Many players are wondering why, as many of the fans are doing.

I am legitimately afraid of the next step being Patricia angrily leaving practice because of a blown assignment, peeling away on his motorcycle.

This is turning into a genuine shitshow.


Give the man a bit of leeway. Honestly. I know things haven’t gone well this season but but good grief.

He gives the players a day off of contact yesterday and has them outside with contact today. Big whoop. It’s consistent with the message. Prepare in the summer and the regular season for the challenges you’ll face in the post season.


We’ve heard fans moaning and groaning about drawing Lambeau at the end of the season as this great disadvantage. Well? How do you prepare for Lambeau? Oh, is it just the day or two leading up to the game that you’re out there in 20 degree weather? Will that do it? What if you’re traveling to Chicago for a playoff game (we’re not, by the way)? Don’t you want a team capable of playing in the post-season.

Get ahold of yourselves and stop following these moronic beat-writers around. They’re more catty than Joan Rivers was on E. They’re not reporting on sports right now, they’re “dishing”. Estrogen filled panzies. Paula Pasche has more testosterone than these limp-wristed gossip columnists. And you’re here barking about it. C’mon, Adrian. 1 playoff win in your lifetime. Maybe we need more outdoor practices. In fact, snatch the roof off their practice facility and toughen these little twerps up.


Give Patricia a break. Obviously Caldwell had 2 winning records but really didn’t have a championship team or even close. The best team was under JIM when Sue was with the Lions and they got hosed by the refs at Dallas and they still were not superbowl bound talent or coached. Patricia has seen how championship teams earn there way. Just be patient.

Its funny because this can go either way. This is the exact kind of chit people talk about later when a coach is a complete flop, or when they win a Super Bowl and they are reflecting on how they got there. Either way they look back to moments like this and say “that’s when we knew…”

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I hear “give the guy a break” which I’m perfectly willing to do, if I heard more actual reasoning behind it.

That’s the entire point of this place, no?

So what’s the point of this? Give me some actual thought, not just “at least he’s not Caldwell.”

You can’t seriously be implying that “real men can tolerate the cold,” are you?

Other than some bullshit “it’ll put hair on their chest” hyperbole, I haven’t heard any substance.

That was a pretty dishonest article written by Slouchy McGee Rothstein. Big surprise he spun one comment made by Slay into a whole team issue. What a turd, I am glad I don’t routinely read these beat writers stuff. A lot of it is garbage headlines to get clicks.

We have cold weather games coming up? At this time of year, almost any outdoor game can turn into a snow bowl.
Best I got.

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Straight from the coach’s mouth.

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The combativeness at the press conferences isn’t a good look for Patricia. Just waiting for him to revoke Jim Acosta’s press pass to Allen Park

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Detroit media sucks, I have no problem with him being confrontational with their bs reporting… Screw PC culture :joy:


I won’t disagree that Detroit media sucks but so does he and so do the Lions

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Which is exactly why the media shouldn’t be criticizing EVERYTHING he tries. The team sucks, he’s trying different things to help them improve and they second guess him. Literally everything about the man is questioned every step of the way. His appearance, his past, his coaching style, his decisions… And that’s the media’s job, to an extent, but they’ve gone too far, starting before games were even played with the whole rape allegations crap and then him losing the team with his physical practices. The team is soft, it’s unacceptable, he’s trying to fix it, cool… I hope he succeeds. But that’s his job, his alone, they can ask him questions about his tactics, that’s their job. But they’re criticizing him first and asking questions second… The media, I believe, plays a big part of the shit culture of the Lions and why it’s so hard to change because they’re CONSTANTLY being counterproductive.

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The media doesn’t make the schemes that has the Oline incapable of blocking a stunt and a secondary that doesn’t even know their responsibilities.

Patricia sucks. So far he just sucks. He took over a borderline playoff team and turned them into a team competing for a top five pick. At this point we can only only hope he figures it out quickly. Whining about the media being mean to him isn’t helpful and not a good look. I get that BB is stoic and a little surly. But Patricia comes across as more peevish and petulant.

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He’s not whining, he’s putting them in their place