Lions prioritize draft over splashy moves in free agency

Another clueless idiot.


He is not one IMO when you have two teams with 100 mil cap space Pats an Redskins an another 4 right now 70 mil plus there will be cap wars going on an Holmes will avoid them. He will work out deals with those we want to extend an those he wants to resign an he should.

Example only his best move in my opinion is to trade before FA starts if he would like to get Snead.

If I am Snead’s agent he will get IMO 5 mil over what he should get per season. But if Holmes can get snead for a second or third rd an a contact done for 20 mil per 4 or 5 years deal go get it now.

Imagine if Lions offer a player say 20 mil lets pick Hunter 3 years an his agent tells Washington they say make it 23 an he tells Lions they say ok an agent tells Skins the say 25. That’s what could happen with them an Pats at 100 Mill under cap.

Holmes showed last season with Williams he made a offer to a popular player his agent wanted more an he signed Monty. He will do same if Lions want Hunter he will make a offer an wait, he might go up a little but i doubt it. When he got CCJ he made a offer an kinda forgot about it an got call on a Sunday night ok deal.

I hope he gets are players done an keeps likes of GG an makes few offers fair but not stupid to few free agents an stick to his offer. To much cap space 2 right now 100 mill an 4 70 mil an up over

We will likely follow the same path we have been on.

Mid-tier veterans thaf fit us. Draft BPA.


I agree he may make offer for like Snead or Hunter type but he will not get in a war. Some teams have a lot more than us in cap room an i have feeling they want to keep team name in the news like Washington for one.

Honestly, signing your own guys and using FA to fill gaps sounds very sustainable.

You don’t wanna bust your pay scale on an outsider then have every guy on your team expecting to get paid 130% of their reasonable value.


I agree most seasons you can over pay a little for one maybe two players. But this season with teams having so much cap space it will become a bidding war IMO. We got to one game from SB an will not rehash it but who says we can’t get further with keeping some of are own an then drafting an then pick up couple later FA?

“If you want to be a good team, you have to draft well and then you re-sign those guys. That’s your core, and then you find the right pieces of free agents to fill in with. We both believe that,” Campbell said "So, I think you’ve got to be careful. You want to go spend top dollar on a free agent that’s not your own, you want to know everything about that player before you bring him into your locker room.

“I mean, you can see the tape on all these … whereas your own guys, you pay top dollar for your own guys that are worthy from production because you know everything about them. It’s something we believe in, it’s something we’re gonna continue to do.”



I’m thinking that Brad isn’t an overpay guy, period. It only takes one person to bust a pay scale. But teams that have no chance of winning do it because they don’t have a ‘scale’, just desparate year after desparate year. I don’t think we’re that team any more.

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Agreed. Aint gonna be any Trey Flowers type deals anytime soon.

Can still add good players though. Monty and Glasgow were very good additions that were fairly cheap.

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The Lions were a play or three away from the Super Bowl.

Who would have thought that could be said a couple of years ago?

Whatever it takes, the Lions have to be SB contenders in 2024. If that means paying a couple outside dudes big money without crapping on the plan, they ought to do it.

Murphy’s law. Shit will go sideways. If you’re focused 100% on a championship, you can’t run scared from paying market rates for guys that put you over the top. It’s a war that talent wins, period.

That said, I’d probably prefer to trade beans to grab guys they are convinced that are Lions and can step in and produce right away, i.e. trade picks from this year and/or next and grab guys on the top of your board. Give me 3 true studs this draft and you keep building relatively cheaply.

It’s not like the Lions have 10 roster spots they will fill with rooks this year. They won’t. Give me a few of the best.

True and they won’t when it comes to their own guys. Goff, St. Brown, Sewell and probably Alim all getting huge deals before long. That’s about a billion dollars for those 4.


They can do that and add a couple top flight free agents. One has to be a CB for sure. They can’t afford to gamble on developing a kid at that position. Not when a SB is within reach. They should draft one high, but they also need to bring in a stud there.

Which is pretty much what Holmes said on 97.1. It was rumored he tried to trade for Hunter & Burns at the trade deadline. So people are holding out hope that he makes a splash move to put us over the top. With the cap space we have and the cap going up it’s feasible. Not sure if Holmes is going to sign anything more than a tier 2 FA.


I’d support it. Just not sure I see Holmes throwing 15 to 20 mill per season at a free agent corner. That’s what good ones tend to cost.

Trades are possible though. So is mid tier free agents. For sure they draft one this year fairly early.

For the record, I want him to make a big move. Or at least say F them Pix and trade 'em for proven starters. But he’s told us to lower our expectations.

I’m right there with you but we are starving for a SB and would do a human sacrifice to get one.