Lions Punter Appreciation Day!

Last year at this time, many of us were wringing our hands in despair (it’s a vast exaggeration meant to induce humorous responses, que chuckling) over the Punting situation. Sippos, Fox, who are these guys? Why did we let Sam Martin go? Why didn’t we sign an experienced guy? Why didn’t we spend a draft pick when we had a 5th round running back that didn’t even make the team? Oh the calamity! At least the Aussie has an interesting backstory.

What a difference a year makes.

Our returning second team All Pro, Pro Bowl Punter Jack Fox has made all the problems, all the fears, disappear, disappear. Of all the UDFA’S signed to futures contracts, Fox was the unexpected lottery ticket every fan dreams of.

Our Paragon of Punting even reached out to run a camp for local kids interested in his craft. He’s a swell guy, on and off the field, and gives us all an added dose of hope in this unsettled year, that perhaps the other positions we’re leery of, won’t be so bad after all. Of all the boneheaded moves of the previous administration, Fox is one they nailed.

Therefore, in recognition of what a slow day for news is this time of year, and the outstanding job done by Fox, I nominate July 9th as Lions Punter Appreciation Day. A day to recognize Fox and our other favorite Lions Punters of the past, such as the hallowed Jim Arnold.

Thank you Jack Fox for not stinking up the field :pray:. May your average be long, and your number dropped inside the 20 be high. May the Coffin Corner be kind to you and thank you for being you. So wherever you are, hoist a glass and have one for Captain Jack :wink::smirk:


Great our best player is our punter . :thinking:


Hey! At least we have a best player!! :crazy_face:


Scary to think that Mule → Fox might be the most dominant connection we have this year.


Trammell and Whitaker?


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Man, we need to find a way to present the Mule with a “devotee” badge for his longevity!!

And I’m being kind of serious!! If I was still living in state, I’d literally have to go down to the facility and see what it would take to do this troupe of Lions / The Den community promotion!!

We could make the Mule the official Devotee of all devotes here at the Den!! Lol :crazy_face::+1::heart::upside_down_face::pray:


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Hahaha I gotta agree, the Mule is a legend. I think we’d definitely have at least one beat reporter (Meinke) who would be all aboard for that!

Just change the name of the badge to “The Mulebach Devotee Badge”


I walk to walk the harder road first baby!! :crazy_face::+1::heart::laughing::pray:

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On a serious note do you all think we can have the same luck at kicker or are we in for another Nate Freese type situation? …. I mean the guy chose 3 for his jersey number and made just 3 FG’s in his entire NFL career. We were smart enough to waste a draft pick on that POS.

Kicking Field Goal GIF by Delaware Blue Hens

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Tom Skladany (and his family) were bad dudes…Tom used to pass from punt formation occasional and was quite successful as I recall.

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I think we will ok overall!

Hopefully we rarely see our best player.

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Yale Lary say, “Hello !!”…


Yale Lary | Pro Football Hall of Fame Official Site


I think we’ll be ok with Bullock but it’ll be a short term thing. Maybe not Freese/Henery bad, but not Hanson/prater good.

But then after this year or next we’ll have a new one.

My uninformed and uneducated $.02!

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