Lions Re-sign Kindle Vildor

Vildor gave up 20.7 yards per reception. He gave up a QB rating of 135.1 when targeted. He had 0 INTs and 0 PBUs.

For comparison, Jacobs gave up 602 yards on 71 targets and 47 receptions. Vildor gave up 455 yards on 35 targets and 22 receptions.

He is in Will Harris level territory of bad and should never see the field. He was by far and away the worst corner on the team. Looking forward to the Lions adding to the room to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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We all want to believe that circumstances will be different, but injuries can change everything, and me, I’d rather have someone with the fire in their belly to not have history repeat itself.

If he’s got the fire…

At least now he has the opportunity to prove that.

He knows the system.

Good heavens…

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Yes he was bad
Yes we called him off the couch
Yes we all want new CB room

But as bad as Vildor was. He still took Jacobs job and he still played ahead of Will Harris
Ahead of Gilmore. And ahead of Dorsey

I hope we trot out 4 new CBs this year and whichever one of these dudes can win the last spot is fine

The rest to the P Squad


Cool, and in 3 years, we’ve seen nothing that says this team can evaluate or coach competent CB play (or hire a competent DB coach, hence the turnover). :person_shrugging: Him starting over other dudes doesn’t mean anything to me. With all hope, he is sitting at home come September.

Praying Moseley’s knees are good. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Who’s battling for 2,3 and 4?

Hopefully Roberson and 2 rookies
Maybe a healthy Mosely mid season

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Starters at present:
CB1 = Carlton Davis
CB2 = Amik Robertson
NB = Brian Branch
S1 = Kerby Joseph
S2 = Iffy
Year over year, Safety is a push. (Iffy in for Walker)
NB is an improvement (going into the draft).
Davis > Sutton
Robertson > Jacobs
E-Man is still a gamble at veteran depth (like last year).
Vildor is a backup who was activated in Week 12 for Detroit and had a better pass coverage rating in the postseason than Sutton.

He’s a good depth guy to have around on the Lions roster. I’m relieved that he’s been added. At worst for Vildor, he’ll be back on our PS, but will likely see action again in 2024. He’s a good floor piece to have added. Now go draft the CB that can compete for starter reps, along with the Safety that can do the same.

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At this time last season before draft who did we have in secondary. We are in better shape right now before draft than we were. We have starters proven right now an Moseley was recovering last season.
There is good chance that season starts with just 4 of the CBs we have now Davis… Moseley… Robinson… Branch Add a draft pick an just maybe two. Teams need depth in secondary. I like bring back Vildor they know what he can do same as Gilmore they know if he progressed. I think Dorsey may not make it . Depends on the draft an maybe after a small trade.


You mean like Owuariye who we shipped off.

Vildor has been playing like Nevin Lawson. In position but can’t ever seem to finish.


Who were the teams Vildor played against? Playoff teams? Too bad he didn’t get to play against Atlanta, Carolina, NO, Chicago, or Vegas like Jacobs did… Just sayin, there’s more than just the numbers.


Only reason Jacobs had a job is because Moseley wasn’t ready to play. Jacobs had two ACL tears also.


I am leaning towards liking this deal

He was picked up only last year; was a 5th round pick with injuries and has potential

Too many determine a layers future by their past only…. Forgetting potential

The Lions seem to think it’s worth it…


Not a surprise, Vet min with a $167,500 signing bonus.


About what i figured. Just didnt know what his bonus would be.

Still dirt cheap to cut if need be.

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If he’s 6th on the depth chart, we improved a lot this off season.


Was that taken pre or post-doink?