Lions Really Are Taking Care of Players, Even On Their Way Out the Door

Jeremy Reisman



Apr 29

Worth noting: - Lions worked with Stafford to find a place he wanted to go - Lions traded Okudah to ATL, where he previously said he wanted to play - Lions traded Swift to his home city Doing right by their players.

I am bored of draft stuff so decided to check out Jamo’s recent likes on Twitter and saw he liked this. Just thought it was cool to see how our players are taking notice just how fantastic this front office/coaching staff is at treating each individual like men. They truly care about these players and their future. They even do right by the players they want to move on from. I have a lot of respect for these guys, they are definitely building this thing the right way.


I think it’s the type of thing that could be a positive differentiator for lions in industry where the talent has little say or leverage

But when they do have it

These small things that help org rep from eyes of talent could pay dividends


One more reason Detroit is a destination.


Great recognition bro. #truth

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Swift asked to be trade Bleach has a article Lions moved fast to work on it. Eagles an Miami called think another team They thought he would like going to his home area . So they made the trade.

And the 2025 4th we asked for is probably his comp pick from when Eagles let him walk. It was literally a no cost pickup for them


Been saying all along and they do it with getting poorly talented player to wal up and take a retirement gift….

Our leadership rocks!

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Wow you must have cleaned your crystal ball thanks for updating us.

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And likely better than any comp pick we would have gotten as if he stayed here, he wouldn’t have had as good of season and wouldn’t likely get that good FA contract next year.

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I still would have traded him to Miami dont want the chance of him maybe being healthy if we play eagles in the playoffs

Yea if he stays healthy he will ask for more than what Barkley is looking for. Around 14m AAV. Third or fourth round comp territory

Just saying. It was literally no risk for them in the trade. Worst case scenario he leaves in FA and they ostensibly get that pick back, that year, via comp

This was the Lions being good guys and letting Swift go where he wanted to. It’s possible they could have got more somewhere else but wanted to do a solid for Swift

They also made peace with Calvin and now he’s welcoming draft picks to Detroit. Some positive things seem to be happening in regards to how we take care of players and judging by free agency, players want to come to Detroit for once. We didn’t overpay guys and yet still added several good players. In the past we had to overpay big time to get anyone to come.


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