Lions red zone defense faces a big challenge against the Chargers

One area where the Chargers thrive is in the red zone. Quarterback Justin Herbert is one of the elite performers inside the opposing 20. With big targets like WR Keenan Allen and TEs Gerald Everett and Donald Parham, Herbert has excellent short-area and jump-ball weapons. The quarterback has three rushing TDs on his own, plus versatile Austin Ekeler as an option.

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The flip side: An article about the Lions red zone offense:

2022: The Detroit Lions finished fourth in the NFL in red zone offense last season, scoring touchdowns on nearly 70% of their trips inside their opponents’ 20-yard line.

2023: The Lions have fallen to near the bottom of the NFL in red zone offense, as their 48.2% TD rate is tied for 24th in the league.

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I think this is on BJ, last year we got close we pounded it in with Williams as shown by his 17 TDs. This year seems were getting cute and trying to pass more in them situations. Iay be wrong I haven’t looked at any stats on it.

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Sounds like the Lions just aren’t getting into the red-zone as often either.

2023: Patterson in 8 games is 8-8 from 30-39 yards.

2022: Lions Ks in 17 games were 7-7 from 30-39 yards.


How many fumbles/turnovers have we had in the red zone this season?

Too many, but also too many cutesy plays. I love Ben, but I do think his own hype has gotten to him a bit. Kind of like “if I call it, this will work.”

Last year with lesser personnel, it was more like…. “I think this will work so let’s give it a try.”

Is anyone worried about LA running for 200? I’m not, but a 350 and 3 TD by Herbert is 100% possible unless we get out ahead, make them chase points and attack his body and the ball.

  • K Allen is one of the toughest covers in the league.

  • Q Johnston is waiting to break out, and they would love to showcase him if the opportunity presents itself.

  • Eckler will likely have 1-2TDs…

We need 27 points minimum to win this game in my opinion, but 31 feels right.

So we need to……

Attack with the pass, not run into predictable situations that allow Tuli, Bosa, and K Mack to tee off…

They have a weak CB2, a weak nickel, and over aggressive safeties that love knockout shots and stripping the ball….

This isn’t the team I’m overly cute with in the first half…. I don’t need Derwin blowing up a double reverse for a fumble….

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This why we need Monty back. He’s the hard runner needed in the red zone. He’s got 6 TDs in only 4 and half games.


The LOS on most 30-39 yard field goals is in the red zone. We’re attempting more this year. But, that is not always bad. I think the FG vs. go for it decisions have been pretty sound, no?

I seem to recall too a lot of long passes were stopped short within the five and closer

That’s definitely going to move the needle when you have more first and goal from the three than 1st and 10 from the 18

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Yup. He’s running the same stuff as last year but Williams/Monty are much more successful at it. Me personally, I’d like to see BJ switch it up more. When the Lions are close to the goal line it feels like BJ literally runs the ball every play. Which might be getting to predictable at this point.

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Play action to Sewell. TD every time

There were two game ending kneel downs in the red zone as well.

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How often do we even get to the red zone?
These losers are scoring from 30 and 40 yards out.

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