Lions Releasing Christian Jones/Resign Mike Ford

Frees up $2.5 million per Pride of Detroit

Good move

Now cut Tavai


Thank gosh another great signing by the boob.

Good riddance. Never understood the former regime’s passion for this guy.


He was terrible and slow.


That would describe Tavai as well.


I will forever have emblazoned in my mind the image of he and Davis crossing over each other, taking each other out of the play, all while looking directly at each other. The beauty was how confused the QB was as he didn’t know who to throw the ball to, the wide open TE or the wide open RB.

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Hard to argue with that, Patricia loved his slow inside linebackers who can’t cover.

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I’ll never understand letting Kennard go and keeping Jones instead. Just mind-boggling stupidity.


Never made sense. Kennard was just ok but he was way better than anyone we had not named Collins last season.

Glad to see Ford back. He’s flashed some good moments and plays really well on special teams.

So far, he’s making predictable moves but they are the right ones.

Hopefully he can work some magic with the rest of the bums Quinn brought in.

Hope they re-sign Darryl Roberts, too.

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Don’t know about that. Kennard disappeared for long stretches.

In 2018, Devon K started fast, i.e. 5 sacks, 6 TFL & 8 QB hits in the first 5 games, but in Kennard’s last 10 games, it was 2 sacks, 3 TFL & 6 QB hits.

PFF grade: 62.2 (70th among edge defenders)

In 2019, Kennard had 3 sacks, 3 TFL & 3 QB hits in the 1st game against Arizona. However, in the next 7 games, it was 0 sacks, 2 TFL & 4 QB hits.

Kennard had a nice 4 game stretch with 3 sacks, 2 TFL & 6 QB hits, before disappearing again for the final 3 games with 1 sack, 2 TFLs & 2 QB hits.

Kennard, who had just a 58.1 pass-rush grade in 2019 and has never eclipsed a 60.0 pass-rush grade in his four seasons with 100-plus pass-rush reps (has two with fewer than 100).” (PFF grade 84th among edge defenders)

Simply put, other than very short stretches, he wasn’t very good.

I know nobody thinks about this stuff, but you will see more cuts like Russell Bodine. He was making 990k where as the bottom of the roster players are making 660k. That is a savings of 330k which isn’t much, but we have quite a few of these guys to get rid of to free up another 1-2mil.

Players like

Geronimo Allison 990k
Evan Brown 920k
Shaun-Dion Hamilton 820k
Victor Bolden 850k
Dan Skipper 850k
John Atkins 780k

are all making over that 660k minimum. If this staff knows they don’t stand a chance at making this roster they will cut them and fill the bottom of the roster with minimum guys and UDFA’s. That would free up an extra 1.5-2mil in cap space just cutting guys who don’t hold much value to this team.

I like re-signing Mike Ford. He has been a decent depth guy and seems to wind up starting some games the past couple years. He hasn’t been a weak spot on the field and maybe with some coaching can make a career out of being a #4-#5 CB.

Christian Jones was one of the obvious cut candidates on the roster and his re-signing still baffles me.

Same here. Cut Coleman and re-sign Roberts. Then grab a solid nickel in free agency and a mid round CB and you have a nice mix from top to bottom.

You’re right about that and I’m ok with cutting all those guys except I’d like to see what we have in Hamilton. Think he might have a little untapped potential.

Agree, they should all be cut. Allison may stick around a bit longer simply because the Lions have so few alternatives (presently) at WR.

Right now, it’s Tyrell Williams and Quintez Cephus.

Me too. He could flourish under Pleasant and Glenn with a more aggressive scheme. To my untrained eye, he seemed to read and react decisively when he filled in because of injuries. And got burned occasionally like all CBs under Patricia in the last couple years.

Thank god. I was not a Christian Jones fan.

…and that problem was compounded by the fact that he also loved slow outside linebackers who can’t cover…


Alllison is one of the worst receivers I’ve ever watched play. Hopefully he’s the next guy cut.