Lions reportedly favorites to be on Hard Knocks

Ive got to say, I can just imagine Patricia getting nuclear hot about this, but it’s the latest rumor.

Does anyone else here even watch the show?

Never watched in the past, but never really had an interest either. If the Lions get roped into it this year, im thinking my interest will suddenly change. :sunglasses:

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It’s actually a lot cooler than it looks in ads, FWIW. I always enjoy them.

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I want no part of the Lions being on hard knocks… It helps the team in no way and is a distraction/competitive advantage for other teams.

Do the Lions have a choice, if selected to be on the show? Hard to believe they would agree to do it if they didn’t have to.

No, they don’t have a choice, it’s part of the bargaining agreement

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I enjoyed the few seasons I watched. Last season with the Browns, I noticed it featured a lot on the coaches (probably on purpose) and then focused mainly on guys who either didn’t make the team or guys cut during the season and of course the soon to be (if not already) media whore Mayfield.