Lions restructure Tracy Walker

Maybe trying to create space for Commish or Willians?

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We needed to open up 6mil just to pay our rookies and have some money in season

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According to DeadStroke’s cap breakdown yesterday we had roughly 12,000,000 in available cap space left to spend. My guess is the lions Did not do this for any particular move they just knew it would need done eventually.


I am very surprised the first restructure they did was Walker and not Ragnow or Decker. I believe it shows how much faith they have in Walker.


I think Walker is working out at the facilities and would have been there to sign a contract that included the addition of a void year, which to save $5M is what they’d have to do.

They could have done simple restructures of Decker’s and Ragnow’s contracts, but they couldn’t have added void years without a signature. Might be holding off on those contracts in case they want to add void years.

Here’s what I think Walker’s contract will look like after restructure. Bonus out $7.87M and add a void year adding $2.63M to each year through signing bonus amortization, saving $5.25M.

Signing/ Base Workout Total Cash Bonus Salary
Year Option Salary Bonus Bonuses Due/Paid Amortization Cap Charge
2018 881,988 480,000 - 1,361,988 220,497 700,497
2019 - 628,000 - 628,000 220,497 848,497
2020 - 750,000 - 750,000 220,497 970,497
2021 - 2,183,000 - 2,183,000 220,497 2,403,497
2022 6,965,000 1,035,000 - 8,000,000 2,321,667 3,356,667
2023 7,870,000 1,080,000 50,000 50,000 9,000,000 4,945,000 6,075,000
2024 - 7,950,000 50,000 50,000 8,000,000 4,945,000 12,945,000
2025 VOID 2,623,333 2,623,333
Total 15,716,988 14,106,000 100,000 100,000 29,922,988 15,716,988 29,922,988

@DeadStroke Brother, how are you seeing our cap situation long term? We’re gonna have some great players needing extensions in a year or 2, no?


Busting out the old credit card and dusting it off. Let’s go, another solid day bring in/back solid players.

Agree, @DeadStroke Rewarding Tracey for busting his ass in rehab, and he’s likely there everyday anyways to sign so boom.

Cut Brockers :white_check_mark:
Redo Walker :white_check_mark:
Romeo restructure next?
Big V, Harris likely later or after June1

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I would prefer a romeo and big v pay cut if we can agree to it, otherwise i dont know if there is much of a role here for them at their current cap hits…

Get 5 mil from Walker rework an that covered the cost for Moseley he cost 6 so Walker 5 an they spent it on the new CB

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Ask me again in a couple weeks . . . get some of these re-signings, restructures, etc figured out, most will effect 2024.

I highly doubt Mosley will cost 6mil against the cap this year. I’d be willing to bet that his base value is less than 6 million and they added avoid a year or two.


Thanks, man!

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