Lions rookie jersey numbers released

Cut off but Wingo is 94.

Craig James CB was 33. Wonder what he is now

Available numbers.
Assuming CJ Moore takes his 38 back.

That leaves CB james, DT, Peko
And all the UDFAs left to get numbers

Arnold is 0. Just like every single X post predicted. X on fire as usual!
Bored The Office GIF

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I got pretty close on all of them.
Vaki i thought would take 25 or 36
I guess Craig James will take one of those

How close to 0 were you?

I predicted Rakestraw 0 and Arnold 1

Maurice Alexander must be getting cut; otherwise, why would the Lions give his uni # to Rakestraw?


That was my initial guess but then when Alexander took 1.
I said arnold 0 rakestraw 15

Somehow Alexander was able to snag #1. At least according to a social media post. I don’t think it can be made “official” until Cam Sutton is officially released on June 1st.

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The Pirate locked him in a closet with his son.
Nobody knows which closet. Now that he’s passed they are both stuck there.

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I love having Terrion Arnold as the new Agent Zero!!!

Why claim #1, when you probbaly won’t make the team???

Anyone know who number 40 is in that vid? Looks pretty smooth.

DB - Brandon Joseph
UDFA from last year.
Spent the whole year on the practice squad.

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Thanks! That was actually my initial guess but then figured it must be another CB going through those specific drills.

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OL seen
59 Manu Draft pick
65 Eguakun UDFA
73 Mahogany Draft Pick
64 Hudson USFA
62 Niese Non-Rookie
76 Glavin Non-Rookie
63 Clemson UDFA

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Manu vs Galvin at the end.
Both 6’7”
Nearly 700lbs combined.