Lions scouting report: The New York Jets present a different test

Jet’s have won 4 on the road, 3 at home. They beat the Browns, Steelers, Donkeys and Green Bay, so no winning teams. They beat the Bears, Dolphins and Bills at home. They have beat 2 teams out of their 7 wins that have winning records. Well, we’re 5-1, so good luck.

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Goff (Home vs Road)

We are gonna need a big time running game at MetLife stadium. We already did it once this year against the Giants in the same building.

If we have to lean on the passing game, that’s where the wheels could fall off against this Jets defense.

Goff just needs to make a few 3rd down throws, no turnovers, and hand the ball off around 45 times this Sunday. I don’t like our chances with 45 pass attempts.


Doubt it.

The home / away split is correlated strongly with the sorta healthy / total MASH unit at WR split. I’d lay some pretty heavy money that having Raymond and Kennedy as his top receiving targets played more into the passing numbers than which stadium Goff was at.

This Jets defense is no joke, so it’s going to take a total team effort on offense to get any traction. Goff won’t be able to sling it at will for 400 yards, but that’s because of NY’s strong D rather than their stadium location.


If the offensive line controls the line of scrimmage we win. If they have a bad or mediocre day we don’t.

Anyone know what the weather is supposed to be?


All I know is if we beat the Jets, people will be talking and the Campbell train will be hard to stop. This game once again can make a hudge statement to the NFL.

Stat guys will think we are gonna get slammed
we have a losing record, and jets beat teams with losing records.

We’re ■■■■■■


Jets are a really good team. The reason their offense has struggles is bc of their shit qb. If they had a better qb your probably talking 2-3 more wins. That defense is no joke and the question is gonna be can Detroit score 20. Jets probably won’t be able to muster more then 20…this is gonna be a really hard game.


One of a small handful of teams that won’t be intimidated by the fist fight we bring. It is gonna be a rough game, for sure.

Lions 34
Jets 24


I doubt we score 34 bro. Think 24-17. What do I know, but this is gonna be a nail biter.

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could very well be.
I still have visions of J-Moss going off though, even if on a ST “gunner play” where he isn’t actually the gunner.

High of 40 at game time, sunny, 11 mph wind

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thankfullly, it’s not a night game.
I thought it was HILARIOUS when a guy who couldn’t watch was asking in the “in game” thread…“What’s going on”?
Someone respondes, “JaMo is dressed like it’s cold outside” (it was a home game …in Fort Field).

Night game might be In the 20s or teens for a temp.

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Kinda what Dan Campbell generally alluded to when the schedule came out. He didn’t mind having all 1:00 p.m. games

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With a 100% chance of an air raid.

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