Lions season 2018 benchmark events

Chicago signed Mack.
Injuries sidelining the 17 million dollar man for 9 games
Lions’ signals known by entire league
Opening game loss to the Jets
1-3 start
Trade of Golden Tate
Trade for Snacks Harrison
Injuries to MJ, KJ, Lang, Ansah, Hand
Off year for Stafford

Taylor Decker TD.


Beat the Patriots on SNF.

I’m out.



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No more talk about the lions not having a 100 yard rusher in game since 1776…


In the truest sense of the term “benchmark”, I think this draft will be Quinn’s. It’s certainly looking like his best draft yet and as such the subsequent drafts will be measured against it. We’ll forever hope to draft starters in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. While we can’t say for sure that we did, it’s possible Quinn got starters in each of the 1st 5 rounds this year. If Walker and Crosby become what we think they’re capable of, he may have set a mark that he’ll never reach again.

This guy drafts well. For some reason these people can only say Teez Tabor. I bet none of them can name a second round failure from the last two GM’s. (Tongue firmly in cheek) Or, more simply I want them to name a quality starter outside of the first round from the previous sixteen years. Quinn has gotten multiple starters out of all three. Punters and long snappers don’t count.
FA, this guy has brought in Marvin Jones, Lang, Wagner, Kennard and re-signed several of our essential FA.
Trades, Damon Harrison for a late round draft pick.
Tate, a third round pick for a guy who wasn’t going to be re-signed.
Looking to the next free agent gig…he’ll have to figure out Ziggy’s status, if Ziggy is not retained and Lang retires, you’re looking at 30 million plus to add to the pool of money we already have. Think about how a guy like DeMarcus Lawrence, C.J. Mosley, Anthony Barr, Avery Williamson and EJ. Gaines or some combination of two or three of those guys might look here. We will have the money for two or three. Serious talent infusion


3rd consecutive win against the Packers.

I’ll always remember the 4th consecutive win over the Packers more. To dominate them at Lambeau the last week of the season the way we did, was impressive. :slight_smile:

Take a look at that first draft with Quinn and get back to me …

I just can’t get behind this theory, at least not yet. The jury is still out on several of his higher profile players IMHO.