Lions secondary much improved

Top 5 #NFL Teams - Defensive Open Receiver %

  1. #Lions ………63.5%
  2. #Ravens ……….64.2%
  3. #Packers ………64.2%
  4. #Patriots ….……64.8%
  5. #Jaguars ………65.0%

All of these teams doing a great job of not allowing open receivers.

— SportSource Analytics (@SportSourceA) September 24, 2019

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Well, that’s a helluva positive, for those craving positivity. Now, if we can get the front 7 to a place where they can capitalize on that coverage, we’ll be in Champion form.
Not bitching, just telling it like it is. We have the strongest offense in the league coming to town this weekend and our defense is going to have to be firing on all cylinders in performance timing.
Btw, I believe they have the capability. I believe in their talent.
I’m not as confident in the scheme or heart.


Best way to beat the Lions…run on them.

One of the takeaways from last season was even though our sack numbers were pretty good, we were one of the slowest teams in actually getting to the QB. A lot of coverage sacks. We elected to not bring in a pass rusher this off season so no surprise nothing has changed.


LionsWire article highlights that Big Play Slay is the best shut down corner in the league over the last eight weeks. The secondary as a whole is both benefitting from his abilities, and probably Slay is too. Just thought I’d toss it in…

Lions have rushed 3 this year more than any other team, so the QB is going to have a little more time to throw. What they are dong this year, as opposed to last year, is taking away the QBs 1st read. This forces the QB to hold the ball longer as he goes through his progressions.
This is what M. Patricia brought from NE, but with guys like Tabor, and Shead as CBs they couldn’t execute.
QB time to throw
Wk 1 2.84 s
Wk 2 3.04 s
Wk 3 2.74 s

Good coverage downfield, let your DL win a 1 on 1 to generate pressure.
Here’s an example