Lions set a new record!

A buddy just texted me that the Lions set the record for failed 4th down attempts in a game.
The Detroit Lions, trendsetters for futility for 65 years.

Didn’t they also set a record for consecutive defensive series without forcing a punt? That’s cool.

Well, at least they are gritty, or is that shitty?

There’s a poll for that…


Our opponents are giddy. Does that count?


I wish they had pity.

We Did It Smiling GIF

Last year, we led the NFL with 41 4th down conversion attempts. This year, we are already at 18 thru 5 games :joy::joy::joy:

Is it possible DC is getting dumber with experience??? On pace for 60+

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I get it to be aggressive when you have a defense
And i still love where he didnt go for it against Minnesota when he did it all day. Almost like he is trying to lose

Dan’s hell will be going to the CFL. No fourth downs is an evil justice.


Warren Moon went to that Hell

he came back and was a true HoF QB with the oilers

and yes, he was part of a big dynasty for the Edmonton Eskimos (Now Elks, cause rebrand)

Holy hell! Was not aware that the PC crowd crossed the border. Blackhawks and Chiefs are next.

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Bro they are in Canada, of course it was eventually gonna happen lol

Poor Washington…

  • Senators bolted
  • Bullets obsoleted
  • WFT was swept under the rug
  • Redskins buried.

On the bright side, bet some fans have a great jersey collection.


Carson has a great last name, because fans of whatever team he’s on Wentz every time he drops back to pass.

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Also looks like the Nats are up for sale, and they could be leaving washington potentially for whoever gets them

very much rough for them

but atleast they won a WS and a Stanley cup this decade

It has the makings of a killer rap song…

We were told that the Lions are gritty but all they do is make the opponents giddy, they don’t roar like a Lion they purr like a kitty and once again they leave Lions fans feeling shitty…feeling shitty…feeling shitty (broken record ensues)

That’s quite the diddy.

It obviouisly is possible that he is getting dumber by the game.

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its not so witty but it sure ain’t pretty.

still, i’d rather have gritty than the big fat titty.

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