Lions should’ve drafted WR DK Metcalf at No 8 overall

Not really. I just figured I’d post it since such a thread is inevitable given recency bias.

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Would’ve been a better pick than Hockenson.


Metcalf shows exactly why you don’t take a TE in the top 10.

I can honestly say that had the Lions Traded down and went LBer with their first pick they could have went TE and Metcalf round 2 and had been a far better team for it.


How could anyone working in the NFL think that Tavai would be a better selection than Metcalf? Quinn is in way over his head.


Don’t think Metcalf could cover a TE either.

They said he was the 9th WR taken, lot’s of teams made the same mistake.

A LOT of teams thought Metcalf was merely a Combine superstar that wouldn’t translate to the NFL.


The guy was sitting there with our 2nd round pick, and we took Tavaii. Fire Quinn already.

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There are tons of guys who are studs taken after Tavai. AJ Brown, Terry McLaurin ( who could be the best of the bunch), Hardman, Dionte Johnson. When Soarin’ McLaurin is going 5 picks ahead of where YOU traded up for to take Will Harris… that’s a problem.

Taking Hockenson at 8, Tavai and Harris just can’t happen. You can’t come away with such little value. Tavai and Harris are both so limited and TE at 8…

Can’t happen.

Carson Wentz played well.

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After the draft a lot of decisions look easy. I have no idea why people are down on Hockenson. He is a good blocker, good route runner and has good hands. He is a complete TE. I knew when he was drafted that there would be guys that outperformed him, but he was a guy with an extremely high floor. Oliver was the natural choice but for some reason the Lions didn’t seem interested. Taking Hockenson was not a bad pick. If he had not gotten hurt he may have put up some nice numbers. A bad pick is Ebron or ANY TE EVER over Donald as he was dominant and unblockable at the senior bowl. Metcalf looked to some as a high risk/high reward prospect, but all I have seen from him is elite talent.

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