Lions sign 2 WRs and cut 2 UDFA TEs

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I lot of people were liking that 6’8" TE to make the roster.

Sounds like big Joe Fauria 2.0. 6’8" sounds great, but he’s gotta be able to block and have good hands. Not saying he doesn’t, but there’s gotta be a reason he was a UDFA and also got cut this early.

Small college guy but was said to have good hands. We really need to upgrade WR, I doubt they offer to extend Jones. FINALLY have depth at TE, if we can get depth at WR and OL we are going to be way ahead of last season.

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Dude was so skinny they could’ve sent him out in a all yellow jersey, run a red zone post route and he’d be open everytime just from camouflage

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Eyeroll. :roll_eyes:

Noticed that first as well. Lacrosse is one bad ass sport and must have balls of steel to play. But how does that translate to football? The on!y common ground is that they both wear helmets.

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Don’t the Pat’s have an ex lacrosse WR on their team? I guess if you read the article it explains that they did…

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No, but, they we’re about to…

IDK. I bet every one of us could probably hit at least 500 yards by lining up in the slot with Brady, though.

LOL. True.

Maybe they’re just banking on them being freak athletes? :man_shrugging:

Jim Brown played lacrosse.