Lions sign C Evan Brien and cut Benzschawel

The Detroit Lions sign C Evan Brown to the practice squad and release G Beau Benzschawel from the practice squad.

Only reason I ever remember this guy is bc of how often we pick him up and then cut him…:joy:

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bye Beau.

For as much as they paid him to join the team I expected great things from this guy, guess it just never worked out. I was hoping to see him or Stenberg get some play when we had that injury to Dahl, but I suppose their pad level was inadequate or something. Oh well

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I’ll always remember this guy because Hyatt wanted his Packers to draft him in the third. He lost his shit when the Lions signed him as an UDFA.


Another guy who was not athletic enough to make an impact in the nfl. Why was Bob Quinn so obsessed with unathletic players?


Are you still in contact with Hyatt? Best Packer poster evah…


Peetezay was an awesome Bears poster. Dude was a Principal. He and I used to DM a little bit, back in the day.

Also, I love theCowardlyLion - great dude.

Lots of really quality human beings stumble in here.

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I haven’t in a few years. This was right before he got banned for calling out the new owners. I checked recently and it looks like he’s back posting at 247, so they must have freed him.

I swear I used to email with him but I can’t find my link. He used to have regular correspondence with ManeLion and myself.


This smells to me like new coach Darrell is heavily involved in these decisions. No way a Ron Wood would even know the names of these guys. No way.

If I had to guess I think Patricia maybe didn’t ask for coaching input from assistants as players are developed during the season? Bevell would get where WR Hall is versus where maybe he should be. BV would get where Beau is and maybe where he should have been. This is just a guess but it is clear someone is making moves with some kind of vision in mind It isn’t like the Lions are saving significant salaries with moves like this (noting that Hall hasn’t been cut yet…that is a rumor).