Lions sign CB Emmanuel Moseley (1yr/$6m)

Gotcha. That’s why trade downs are gold if you can still land the non sexy picks and studs.

I just want the biggest,baddest, toughest, most explosive guys…

Jailin Carter
O’Cyrus Torrence
Peter Skoronski
Bijan Robinson

To me it’s them. Brian Branch can be added, but I don’t know how much we need a SS/NB that early if we are loading up on DB… Elijah Kancey is another one

I guess we will see what happens with Deshon, Hughes, we could still need some more depth if we are done back there.

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I know you are fixed on getting a guard. But there is no scenario a trade happens for a guard imo. That trade up could happen…for Hendon Hooker tho.

I don’t think Carter is even in play for the Lions…

I won’t be pissed no matter what they do. I’m fully bought in to whatever they decide. I’m drinking all that kool-aid.


Not trying to make sense. Build a roster, win a Ring.

We are drafting a long snapper at 6, FB at 18…. :crazy_face:

DT Carter
DT Kancey

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Love it. CB is essential. Okudah gets to start with his career on the line. Quality and depth.

Brad has now given himself every opportunity to select BPA. Almost certainly that BPA at 6 will be a DL or QB. At 18 he may be hoping for O’Cyrus or Bijan or Joey Porter Jr or Witherspoon or Branch. Whoever those guys are depending on how the board falls, he isn’t going to have his hand forced by overwhelming need at a position group. We may yet take a CB in the first. But now we won’t have to stick the rookie in there at CB1 and watch him get eviscerated like Okudah was. He can develop into a true CB1 appropriately without having his confidence shattered. SavvyBrad. CraftyDan.


Moseley’s press conference was interesting. He didn’t just play with Cam Sutton. Cam was his host for his recruiting visit to Tennessee and he considers Cam his big brother.

But he took it a step further. He said him and Mac McCain went to the same high school, and Mac was JV while he was on Varsity. He said he was the QB and NC A&T offered him, but when Tennessee offered him as a DB he said he couldn’t turn it down. Taking it another step further. He said Hendon Hooker was his backup QB in HS.


If we don’t grab a high end backup QB I think Hooker is very kuch in play for one of our second rounders.


Yes sir I think we take him at some point


We got us a serious Good Ole Boys club going. Hope I’m alive when they all have head coaching jobs, too. LOL

It’s the same HS Charlie Sanders went too back in the day


With the 6th pick in the draft the Lions select…

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We’re going from Bennie Hill Theme to a promising setup. Moseley was trending elite early last year. He can be a fringe 1. Sutton is going to be solid. I think it’s likely Glenn moves him all around. He can handle it. Jacobs has a little bit of that in him ss well. Think we’ll draft one more fairly early given the depth at that position. But now we cwn be patient.

If’s becoming a Brad trademark. Carpet bomb the weak spot.