Lions sign Darius Kilgo

DT. Ex-Pat. Our trend continues…

Beat me to the punch, but, I got the story. He should be a decent rotational guy.
Patrica knows him. Good enough for me.

Feels like a depth guy. Should make the roster and contribute situationally. Of course, this is just my guess. LOL

More Dline competition.

One of the cooler names to pass through.

That’s all I got …

Good signing!

One of the sole survivors from the Dothraki charge in last weeks game of thrones episode.


Well, we have Snacks and Hand who I can’t see not making the team. We have Ashawn and our fourth rounder that you would think ‘should’ make the team. Maybe we go 5 or maybe we think it is just a full blown competition.

My guess is this guy is here to demonstrate the culture change going on. How important it is to put in your work. I think he is more camp body, but maybe a very direct message as well.

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Darius Rucker maybe cooler name?

We used to carry 5 DT’s, one of which could play outside (Hand), and 4 DE’s. If I were to guess, that’s probably the way it will go?

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Dick Trickle, the Nascar driver. Impossible to be cooler than that, right? Wtf were his parents even thinking?:rofl:

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Right now the Lions have Trey Flowers, Snacks Harrison, A’Shawn Robinson, Da’Shawn Hand, Romeo Okwara, Austin Bryant, Darius Kilgo, and P.J. Johnson, who I think is going to start the year on the PS cuz he ain’t NFL-ready. So that’s 7 guys, 8 if you add Devon Kennard, who is an Edge guy/LB. And I’m not convinced Kilgo is a keeper either, they may drop him in favor of somebody else at some point. I think they’ll roll with 8, and PJ goes on the PS.

They might go with RJF later this summer, the guy already knows what he’s doing in this defense, or someone else, but I still think they’ll go with 8 and that includes Kennard. trick is going to be to rotate these guys in and out so they don’t get exhausted by the 4th qtr, AND keep the Offense out there longer to give the D a chance to rest.


Damn; 6’4 eh?? She probably lives here in Vegas :wink:

I stand corrected.:joy:

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