Lions sign Dobbs to PS


The Lions signed Joshua Dobbs to their practice squad Monday as their third quarterback. Dobbs was waived last month by the Cleveland Browns, after Deshaun Watson returned from suspension. He spent his first four NFL seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jaguars, completing 10 of 17 passes in six games as a backup.

should’ve signed mayfield to the PS. :slight_smile:

I like this move

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Lions are on a roll, plus only 2 QBs—more opportunities here than other places.

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Nice find, WCLF! Thanks for sharing. Looks like he could challenge Nate, after he gets the offense down.
He’ll be a great guy to have running the practice squad offense when preparing for mobile QB’s.


Very good point! We are terrible against mobile QB’s


Agree 100%. We lost games this season by not being prepared to handle teams with a running QB. At the very least, you need one at your #3 spot. In a perfect world, this “kid” (only 1 year younger than Goff), plays his way to the #2 spot next year.


This was kind of a roster construction blind spot at least from a practice squad standpoint I mean that thing is half the size of New Jersey now and I think every team that doesn’t have a starting mobile quarterback needs to have a New School QB stunt double on the practice squad