Lions sign Marvin Hall from PS

Released WR Chris Lacy. Re-signed DE Jonathan Wynn to the PS.

Lions realize that w/all the Eagles injuries, this is a winnable game and they can’t have Agnew screw it up.

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What makes the promotion of Hall interesting is his legit sub-4.4 speed and has experience as a returner.

TD on his first return. Mark it down.

For which team?


“Marvin Hall” just has a good ring to it, like a guy who comes out of nowhere to be a star. That’s what I’m going with.

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Kinda like a Mel Gray


If this guy does well, then Agnew is probably on his way out. I was under the impression that Agnew’s value on defense is minimal, so they might as well go find a better DB.

Oh, wait. Jalen Ramsey?


And then we see the yellow hanky hit the field.

Haha undoubtedly.

I’m a little surprised it wasn’t Agnew that was given his walking papers.

Marvin Hall, Come on down!

I thought Agnew got a job at a FF concession stand

They fired him. He struggled taking the money and kept dropping the food.

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Kind of hope we get Lacy back!