Lions Sign New QB/Release Fales

Not sure if this is exciting, or not. IMO, if Matt goes down, we are in deep shit.

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It’s exciting for Luis…for now. :wink:
But, yeah, if Matty goes down we are in for an (unLUCKy) Indianapolis type year.


Keep that revolving door spinning…


I’ll tell you a secret…shhhh…

If any team loses their starting QB, they are screwed.


Except for that time the Eagles lost Wentz or the Patriots lost Bledsoe or the Rams lost Trent Green…


There are a few fun exceptions. Garcia behind Young…who was behind Montana!
Rodgers, who was behind Favre.
Chuck Long, who was behind Gary Danielson!!!

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You’re right, except you guys mentioned 5 times in 30 years and yet the REAL games show otherwise. Every team that lost their Franchsie QB to injury sucked. You are lying to yourself if you do see it.

We haven’t exactly been awesome WITH our “franchise QB” since about 2011.

So either we suck or we suck…

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Backup QBs that come in and do well are mostly playing on pretty good football teams that carry him instead of the other way around. Yeah, sometimes a #2 guy comes in and lights it up, but I think usually they don’t. It’s the team’s defense and running game that step up. Or not.

I just don’t see this team as that good yet, where they can carry a #2 guy if Stafford was injured.

Packers last place when ARog got hurt…

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Except they had a worse record the following year when he played all 16 games.

Their defense has been in decline since 2015. THAT is why they lose.

They were only 3rd because our offense was pathetic last year. Should have been 4th.

Just noticed, too, that the Packers in 2017 scored 320 points. That was Rodgers for 7 games and Hundley for 9.

Lions scored 324 last year.

So if you would like to hang that on the QB, we can discuss…

Was Ty Detmer our starter or backup? What about when Moonball wnet fron backup to starter then got hurt? Did McMahon become a backup when he split out wide as a receiver?

I feel like I want to make a Billy Joel “We didn’t start the fire” parody…

Rusty Hilger Stoney Case, Andre Ware what a waste
Shaun Hill Frank Reich, Gus Frerotte and Whizzer White

Detmer, Daunte, Drew Stanton
Chuck Long and Joe Ferguson
Matt Cassell or Dan-O , Hipple, Gagliano

Mike McMahon, Majik Man, trouble with Jeff Komlo…

They didn’t start the season
So they held the clipboard, and we thanked the Good Lord.

They didnt start the season…etc


Yeah, but you can’t count that - Hundly got 70% of his points in one game vs us.

In seriousness, I think he put 49 on us, or something like that - ridiculous

In 2017, we swept the Pack. We also swept them in 2018… Hundy put up 28 points against us in both games combined.

But how many points did we put up last year on them in the last game after they had already checked out for the season? 31-0, I believe. that’s some serious padding.

Hundy had some pretty good games in terms of scoring in 2017. 4 games in a row over 20 points. @Steelers, Bucs, @Browns, @ Panthers.

Goose eggs against the Ravens and the Vikings (2nd game) though. First game against the Vikes, he scored 10 on the Vikings. We never even got a TD against the Vikings in either game in 2018.

Even with the goose eggs in 2017, they still scored about the same number of points that we did in 2018.

They lost due to defense, which gave up 384 points in 2017. And it got worse in 2018 giving up 400.

I don’t care enough to look it up - it wasn’t Hundly. Who is the dude that put like 419 yards on us (pretty sure it was Schwartz’s last year).

dude ended up getting a decent contract as a starter then flopped. Anyway…exaggerating for fun. I knew it wasn’t 70%.

Matt Flynn. Torched us, then went down in flames.


Thanks, brother! That’s exactly who I was thinking of.

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He signed a big contract with Seattle, but then lost his job to Russell Wilson before the season had even started. He can thank our crappy defense for convincing Seattle that he was starter material.

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