Lions sign QB Steven Montez to the practice squad

Wasn’t he on our PS last year?


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6’4" 230 lbs all day long.

  1. Is he a developmental guy or just a good temporary scout team guy?
  2. is there a real chance of him beating out Sudafed?
  3. Is he handsome enough to be on this roster?

Thought the name sounded familiar.

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Probably best they could find that kinda knows the offense.

He couldn’t give Blough and Boyle any competition so the upside is pretty limited but at least he is mobile (though not really a running QB) and he has a year of familiarity.

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  1. probably
  2. probably not
  3. he has a full head of hair. My guess is he won’t be here when the new season begins next September.

that’s what you get for going through the rolodex of unemployed QB’s available . lol.

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