Lions sign RB Brossette (again,) and cut DE Wynn

What’s with all the RBs, in and out? Can’t they find an OT?


They’re going to wait until Crosby and Decker are on IR and Wagner is hurt.

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We need to be careful when we are bringing in and cutting RBs. Wouldn’t want Tatum’s Bellhop Service to be back in business.

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Bring back Aveion Cason

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PS Bring Back Rudi Johnson’s bags

I heart you.

I probably told this story before, but I had to play Rudi twice in high school. After the first time we played them…me and my best bud (who was a safety who had to tackle him) came away so impressed that we literally added him to our roster in our college football video game. The QB was a Johnny Manziel type guy way before Johnny Manziel… but he wore #2, we also added him to our game. A few months later we had to play them again in the playoffs to get to the state championship.

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“It’s in the game!”