Lions sign RB David Williams to Practice Squad, Release QB Kanoff

7th round draft pick last year for the Broncos. Pretty big back, 6’1", 229 lbs out of Arkansas.

Is he better than Thompson or McChapstick?

I love that they are trying to improve the bottom of the roster, but I’m really surprised if any of these cats turn out better than thompson

I’m really liking the potential of McChapstick!

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Yeah, I’m very surprised by the Lions not putting Thompson back on the PS.

Like there’s something else going on there that we don’t know about.

Thompson was re-signed by the Baltimore Ravens back to their practice squad.

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Same here. I think it would be good to have him return kickoffs and let Agnew stick with PRs.


That’s a fine idea sir.

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If the Lions want Thompson, they could always offer him a spot on the regular roster if one develops.

I think he’s on another team now, though.

Thompson is on Baltimore’s practice squad, he can sign onto any teams roster at any time.


Agnew is going to have to up his game on ST and also on defense. During TC he was putting the ball on the ground and that ain’t going to cut it. Can’t say if he’s still doing it now during the week, but if so they might be looking for somebody else for a PR man. Like, maybe Brandon Powell unless they already got somebody in mind who’s already there. This Sunday’s game is going to be big for a lot of people I think.

That was my point.

Right, but bignatty was questioning whether or not he could be signed, at least that’s how I interpreted it

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BQ was looking hard in the draft for a return guy. They looked at a lot of them. I was expecting us to draft a good one to be honest. I figured we get the beast kick returner we could and let Agnew handle punts.

Clearly we’re either looking to upgrade from Agnew or at the least get a quality backup behind him.

I wonder if McKissick can do it well? Also, I’m very intrigued by Ty. I want to turn that MF’r loose and see what he can do.