Lions sign S Jayron Kearse

Never heard of him!

He’s famous

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Seems kind of an odd signing. Would rather use a later round draft pick to fill a number 4 safety position, over spending 3mil of our cap.

Wonder if he’s brings something to special teams that Quinn likes.

Will Harris is the 4th safety. This dude is playing the Tavon role

I thought we would use Seattle’s 5th rounder on a safety, since that’s all Quinn thinks Diggs is worth.

I believe this is correct. Harmon and Walker are both solid cover Safeties that could either drop back or stay in the box from snap to snap. When you’re pulling a LB for another Safety, there’s a good chance it’s Kearse. It could still be Harris, but I think they want this guy for his size in heavy nickel. You might even say he’s replacing Killebrew.


Jayron Kearse is 26 years old (Feb. Bday) 6’4" and 215ish pounds. A BIG guy who played on a team that was stacked with talent at safety.

It is clear the Lions value safeties. They want production there and I love that. Whoever plays will have to earn their time in 2020.

Kearse is big and lookin’ to play. The one year deal is great in terms of staying hungry. Jayron will do what is necessary to parlay his 2020 contract into a longer deal in 2021.

Will Harris is 6’1" and 2010ish pounds. That is big but Kearse is REALLY big for a safety.

I like this as we are not standing pat hoping for development here in the secondary. Get it now, play well or the staff will try a different option. That is great. Hard to NOT like this signing as it is clear how it makes the team better.

Depth signing. A great replacement for Killebrew.


None of the contact is guaranteed either so if we draft a kid or others blossom and he just isn’t it we can always cut him and save. Really a no risk value pick. Some might complain cuz the madden football world says you can have probowlers at all 53 spots but in reality this is a solid move