Lions sign two

Someone has to get cut.


What is crazy is dudes will get cut before likely even setting foot on the field

The bottom 7 of roster plus practice squad guys live a crazy life

Hesse sounds like a camp body.

You can’t have too many IOWA TE’s.


man cuts and culls will happen and they will expertly hone who they want/who , makes the cut, just biz as usual . then we will have the team to take to war in 24.

He’s a good blocking TE was looking at him when we were in limbo about Block Right RFA signing with SF.


Good blocking TE,
And most importantly great blocking on ST!!

But yes someone must be released now. who’s it gonna be?

They have a bunch of WRs and RBs on the team right now.
Everywhere else is thin.

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I would expect a RB for sure. After getting first hand look at Vaki they likely now feel confident that they 4 viable dudes.


Probably either jefferson or funk.
Craig has been a key player last 2 years.
Knight was the favorite to make the 53man.

That leaves, Funk
And Jefferson.

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Agree that Jefferson may be on the cut list now…. But I also think he will get picked up by another team

Kaden Davis was also part of the initial 15 reported.

Parker Hesse, though… that’s a new name which does mean someone’s dropping.

After the 15 we had 88 plus Sutton. Davis and Hesse were both tryout players. So we need to drop one.

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You’re right, he wasn’t in the initial 15. I think he was just reported yesterday or the day before (why I already had him on my chart). We’re both landing at the same spot of 91 players at the moment.


They asked DL man to come back with Vets They can make room by placing couple on Pup/?

Heese has more experience than I expected. 28 career games with 8 starts. Played a ton of snaps in 2022. Can never have enough depth with experience.

He had 14 sacks at Iowa… didn’t move to TE until the nfl

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Roster exemptions for PUP aren’t available until training camp. Too many teams were abusing the exemption in the offseason. They’ll need to cut someone.

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not shocking at all

I can not believe how I am now sweaty all 90 dudes. It does seem insane that they can keep 53 plus 16 and are fighting to tie up over 90…options baby options

You’re getting sweaty over 90 dudes :joy:

Just checked the official Detroit Lions Roster.
All 90 players are listed. So yes they are at 91 including sutton.

Still no word on whose released. UNLESS, maybe they told Arnold, dont sign your contract untill after june 1st :wink:

In past years, I may have a guy or 2 that I most root for, out of the rookies. Now, because of who and how they draft, I am rooting for almost every rook as much as the others.

Vaki is one I am very excited about. He’s gonna be heavily weaponized and will be a “winning at the margins” player.
Manu is gonna be a mauler for us. Who knows what sort of creative stuff these him for. Our jumbo package is gonna be so violent!

Happy Season 5 GIF by The Office

I can’t wait to see if Arnold can perform as a rook,

tye sheridan ar GIF by Ready Player One
…and what his ceiling is