Lions sign veteran safety Marcus Gilchrist

just saw a post on the free press lions signed martin gilcrest as the new safy–and info on him ???/


Veteran player that’s been bouncing around the league for several years. Unemployed for the 2019 season until today.

Sounds like our missing link.

Yeah, but has he played for New England?? Asking for a friend.


I didn’t think Safety could be spelled any wronger than in your title, then I saw your post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




He’s 30 so guessing this isn’t the long-term strategy. 5’ 10", 200 lbs. 8 year vet.

Probably there to be a presence for the young kids and step in if an emergency arises.

Yeah, I would have gone with more wronger.

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need a new key boad—this old one has been through the miss–plus–my spelling is ortouisiouessss

maybe worster?

Well let’s hope he’s not the worstest

He started all 16 games for the Raiders last year, had 3 INTs … and didn’t have a job this year.

Um, why is that?

No, I think he did it right
Someone who’s not quite an NFL caliber safety
Is a safty or safy
Just depends…

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He wanted to sign with a contender

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So this guy and a fifth round pick replace Digs.
I’m good with that I think, if Digs wasn’t doing his job very well.
Worstest case I guess would be if one of our new young stud starters goes down and this guy makes Digs look like a pro bowler.
Pitchforks and torches would be out with a fervor.

On our way to the Superbowl, now!

Because he sucks. He couldn’t cover UP.

He’s not a complete safety so he’s a safy.


S. A. F. T. Y. :+1:


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