Lions sign WR Devin Funchess . . . $11.6M under

It’s always crazy to me when you see so many of these athletes that are flat broke. Terrell Owens made $150 million when he retired and has been begging to get back in the nfl. If you’d have put just $10 million of that in a regular savings account you could live off the interest if you were smart about it. Most of these guys aren’t happy simply being millionaires. They want that Jordan and lebron money. So they take big financial risks and it always seems to backfire on them. Just ask warren sapp.


Agreed… But I think they get taken advantage of and manipulated a ton into bad investments. Most of these dudes barely passed high school, and never went to class in college.

How many NFL players actually got a degree in college?


That’s also their fault. They had every opportunity for a good education and to set themselves up for life outside of football.

For example, who was the kid that played defensive end for us. Copeland? Out of Pitt. He lived on 50k of his salary only and in the off-season got his mba and did internships on wall street. He was a fringe player and only played a handful of seasons but now he has a job on Wall Street and probably 500k or more to invest with. I don’t feel bad at all for players that screw around and lose everything they have.


You just nailed my point. It’s the fringe players that took school seriously and very few of them actually make the NFL. Remember Zack Zenner!? He’s a Doctor now.

The stars have had a red carpet everywhere they went, to the point of transferring schools if they don’t play enough. Those are most of the kids in the NFL.

Georgia had like 9 guys drafted in the 1st round, I dare you to look up how many got a degree!?


I think it will take him time to get used to playing here and putting up more positive numbers…I don’t see him making an impact right away.

Agreed. Until you are faced with that kind of money and opportunity you can’t really speak to a player not finishing school. Especially when staying in school could mean the difference of millions of dollars if an injury, a down year, whatever happens. The fringe players are the ones who will finish their degree, stay an extra year to see if they can elevate their draft level, and have a fall back option.

I don’t blame players at all for leaving school early if they are in that position. I also know that people suck and there’s a billion vultures out there that will take every advantage they can of young players with money. And just because they don’t get a degree doesn’t mean they are stupid. But they may very well be naive as every other 20 something year old is.


I couldn’t agree more @DetroitStrong… the longer I’ve been alive, the more I realize how faulty the whole College/University system really is. So many people I’ve met overseas had crippling debt because of it. Degrees are often very overrated, unless they are in something valuable.


Agreed. Ricky Williams was a very socially awkward person. I think he smoked to cope with it and deal with just being a start RB. And not being able to smoke out him in a rough position.

But when it came to paying off his debt it was “anxiety where!?” Lol

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I agree the “fault” ultimately boils down to them. But let’s be honest these school systems fail these kids.


It’s not a fault, it’s the reality of the situation they are handed and have to make a life altering decision at the age of 20. And in other sports it’s even younger.

Hockey players have to decide whether high school or college is more important than playing in the minors. NBA players get drafted out of high school or one year of college if they are elite.

That’s like winning a lottery ticket. And everyone has different backgrounds, you don’t know the personal lives and situations of any of these guys, and they all make their own decisions for their own reasons. In a way it’s the same reason some people go into trade schools instead of college, so they can start making reliable money sooner depending on their situation. The only difference is the paycheck, and if anyone was offered the same opportunity to even make 1 year of a million dollars they wouldn’t take it

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Exactly. I’ve met doctors and lawyers who make good money but still are swimming in debt for student loans, bills, etc. Its not as simple as “well you should’ve gotten your degree.” They got a damn fine degree and it’s still tough out there!

I know damn well if I was 21 and someone offered me even 400,000 to play in the NHL I would’ve jumped at it no questions asked. (Nobody ever did I never made it that far🤪)

Yes you can speculate on what players do with the money they get, but at the same time, until you have it you don’t know what it brings. In the words of Biggy Smalls, more money more problems.


Yeah I agree it’s not really a fault. It is what it is. I just mean I wish I learned about filing taxes in HS instead of sin cos tan.

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Lol right on! Yeah I couldn’t tell you the difference between those now! Although I do believe that stuff teaches you logic and how to think in a way, but at the same time, you’re right - you can’t file your taxes with it. That’s why I still pay someone to do it for me every year!

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I flat out told my daughters I would pay for any STEM degree. Out of three, I have one RN, one Nurse Anesthetist (graduating in August), and one nursing student. With the way I eat fried foods I told them I needed kids who knew their way around a defibrillator.


I am a nurse and I can tell you you did a great thing guiding them that way. Nursing is an awesome field and there’s a lot of avenues you can go once you get into it.

My parents did the same thing, and while I’m not rich, I have always had a reliable job and built up a decent retirement. So ya did good!

And stop eating fried food so much!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: grilled or sautéed taste just as good. Hell, we have a whole off topic thread about great and mostly healthy recipes!


Very nice DS. Not sure how old you are or if there’s any interest, but CRNA’s make unbelievable money. Royal Oak Beaumont gave my daughter a significant five figure signing bonus (paying out while she finishes her last year of classes) and six weeks (not a typo) vacation to start for a two-year work commitment. She plans to work three days per week (full time) at the hospital and work as a 1099 freelance employee on her off days. It’s a grueling curriculum but the pay off is making me question every educational decision I ever made.

Amanda is one of the most dedicated people I’ve ever known and is an absolute sweetheart. I’m figuring they made a mistake at the hospital and my real big daughter is living in a basement somewhere, cursing at the Lions.


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Lol, I’m 38 and have no interest in going back to school, but in my 20s I would have, maybe, if I wasn’t a stupid 20 something! But yes, you always have opportunities in nursing. It can be a real shitty field (literally) but also very kind and advantageous. And you’ll never be out of a job.


Would you say that Funchess drops passes in bunches?


I’ve had hunches that Funchess drops passes in bunches. BTW, how bad is it when Ebron can say he sucks?

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