Lions signed Russel Bodine, Matt Sokol and Paul Butler

C - Russell Bodine is an interesting prospect to me. Former 4th round pick by Cincy. He won the starting job and then had his season ended after 10 games due to injury. Cin traded him to NE for a 6th round pick and he ended up finishing the season on NE’s PS. Obviously this is GG insurance.

We also signed two TE’s. Both were undrafted FA’s last year and both are developmental types. Logan Thomas is a FA this offseason and I suspect he’s offered a contract larger than the Lions would care to match. The Lions still have Nauta as well. I suspect we will add a few more young bodies to the group but I’m expecting us to go developmental TE with our 3rd TE.

That’s likely. Matt has eluded to really liking him, publicly. That may be a factor as well. Good chemistry and liked by the QB. We shall see. You’re probably right, though. If they’re bringing in a bunch of youngsters, they may expect to lose someone.