Lions signing QB Josh Johnson

The Detroit Lions are set to sign veteran QB Josh Johnson, according to a report from Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network. Johnson was one of two QBs the Lions worked out on Saturday morning to try and fill the void at backup QB with Tom Savage’s injury.

Johnson is the consummate journeyman veteran. The Lions are the 12th NFL team he has signed a contract with since entering the league in 2009. He has thrown just 268 career passes and only taken the field for action in four games since 2011. That action came last year with the Washington Redskins.

His biggest claim to fame was being the QB on Jim Harbaugh’s team at the University of San Diego.

Savage had his head slammed into the Ford Field turf on Thursday night, and the defender’s knee inadvertently followed through and also hit Savage on the side of the helmet. He has not officially been diagnosed with a brain injury but signing Johnson is an indication the team is concerned about his status.

Johnson started four games for Washington last year, completing 57 percent of his passes for three touchdown and four interceptions. He comes to Detroit with at least a little bit of familiarity. Back in 2017, both Johnson and current Lions quarterback Sean Ryan worked together as members of the Houston Texans. That year, Johnson did not play a regular season snap, but he had a decent preseason, going 22-of-34 for 239 yards and a touchdown.

Don’t know the rules for concussion protocol, the Lions have to officially report that to the league, right? Which somebody would discover in short order, I would think. Sooo, I don’t think Savage was diagnosed with a concussion, but the Lions are concerned enough not to play him util they’re sure he’s good to go. And that’s why they went after an FA QB. Plus they need a camp arm.


Camp fodder.

Update: Savage IS in the concussion protocol, per HC Patricia. Savage has a history of concussions though, so if Johnson looks halfway decent then maybe they should go with him. If I’m Tom Savage I’m thinking about hanging 'em up, brain injuries are not to be taken lightly.

Coach didn’t say that Crosby was also in the concussion protocol, which I thought was reported after the game last night.

Anyone got a list of qb’s Bevell has worked with over the years? Maybe there’s a team willing to part with a backup for a conditional 6th or 7th rounder?
Been hoping for this all offseason. I hate our core of back up qb’s.
Remember when we gave up a 7th for Shaun Hill?

They signed Josh Johnson.

After training camp cuts? Our Lads depth chart. Teams with 4 QB’s on the roster.
I picked the last two QB’s from each roster.

Patriots: Etling, Danny 18/7 4 Stidham, Jarrett 19/4

Jets: Webb, Davis SF18 8 Falk, Luke W/Mia

Steelers: Rudolph, Mason 18/3 6 Hodges, Devlin CF19

Browns: Gilbert, Garrett SF19 9 Blough, David CF19

Bengals: Finley, Ryan 19/4 7 Dolegala, Jacob CF19

Ravens: McSorley, Trace 19/6 2 Callahan, Joe SF19

Texans: WEBB, JOE U/Buf 6 Ta’amu, Jordan CF19

Colts: Walker, Phillip CF17 6 Kelly, Chad SF19

Jags: Lee, Tanner 18/6 2 McGough, Alex SF19

Chiefs: Litton, Chase CF18 9 Shurmur, Kyle CF19

Chargers: Jones, Cardale T/Buf 2 Stick, Easton 19/5

Cowboys: White, Mike 18/5 5 Christion, Taryn CF19

Giants: TANNEY, ALEX SF18 17 Lauletta, Kyle 18/4

Eagles: Kessler, Cody SF19 8 Thorson, Clayton 19/5

Packers: Boyle, Tim CF18 18 Wilkins, Manny CF19

Vikings: Sloter, Kyle CF17 3 Browning, Jake CF19

Panthers: Grier, Will 19/3 6 Heinicke, Taylor W/Hou

Bucs: Griffin, Ryan W/NO 7 Fitzgerald, Nick NFI

Cards: Kanoff, Chad CF18 3 Anderson, Drew CF19

Rams: Allen, Brandon W/Jax 9 Wolford, John SF19

Niners: Beathard, CJ 17/3 5 Speight, Wilton CF19

I wanted Stidham in the draft.

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The reporters covering practice had good things to say about Johnson’s arm strength. With Jones and Golladay both being deep threats, I’d want anyone filling in for Stafford to be able to take advantage of their speed. A dink and dunk QB limits the offense too much for my liking.

Well, that sucked

He didn’t look good, that’s for sure. We better hope Stafford can last though the whole season.