Lions staffer on Greedy Williams: "Our CB's need to tackle."


If its a smokescreen, its a brutal one.

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How about cover skills?

Williams Reminds me a lot of DRC when he came out. I wanted the Lions to take DRC but the negatives were that he was slightly skinny and didn’t always have the best tackling technique.

But their speed and cover skills are similar. DRC went 15 overall and I suspect Williams will go somewhere between 10-15 (or if take him at 8)

I would rather see us get a CB in FA and take DL OL or LB at 8, but I won’t be upset if Greedy is the pick

DRC has a long solid career with a few pro bowls

Well, he is fast…

Listening to Denver sports talk today, they were saying the same thing about him not fitting into a Vic Fangio defense. He needs CB’s who can tackle.

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And frankly… he really didnt look good in his limited work in the field drills either. At this point Im not feeling Greedy at #8.

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The 3 cone drill is, I think, a better gauge of a CBs ability. He pulled up lame after the 40. Looks like we will have to wait until his pro day to see the rest

I think I’m better with FA CBs that are past 25 years old but not much but a shade over 30. Draft CBs in the later rounds for projects and chances to spend a few years on the cheap getting better. I’d rather take immediate impact players in the first round and those are generally dlinemen rbs or wrs. IMO.


Yeah, that sounds like a good way to go.