Lions star gets brutally honest about Nick Saban

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I’m not sure mini-camps or OTA’s are a true indication or comparison to AL practices.


Spring practices, I’m sure, are a lot more physically grueling than OTA’s and minicamps.

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you can probably do a lot more in college practices, etc. since there is no players union.


This ^^

You also have 120 plus guys on college rosters-so you load those college kids with hard reps practice after practice if you want


NCAA has rules as well.

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True, and if I’m some small directional school I worry about the day AL gets in trouble. The NCAA hammer will come down on this directional NCAA member to make an example to all other schools to not do what Alabama did.

I’d be curious if AL still runs these drills. The NCAA greatly limited what’s acceptable in practice, over the past decade or so to protect athletes. I know Saban makes his players run a lot. Most guys hate that.

I think the culture shock of going from high school to a division I school has to be a lot greater than from a division I school to the NFL. It also depends on what HS program the athlete comes from. Urban Meyer always said not all 5 Star athletes are created equal. Some come from HS programs where they don’t even know how to practice.

Yeah I mean in college you have over 100 bodies along with the fact that you have to teach them the game and also you have fewer games. I would question if they are hitting as much as they did when it was a 10-11 game season verses now that it is 12-14. It would seem to make sense to look to do some moderation and “load management” for the players.
But I would think that even Saban will change with the times. Less violent hitting and more form practice and full speed not collision type stuff in practice. I do think that you are getting kids that have no clue on how to play verses in the Pros you get fully formed athletes that need tweeking and more mental help.
The jump from HS ball to high end college is huge across the board IMO. Especially the physicality. I just do not see that as big of an issue from college to pro. More scheme and mental approach. Yes it is physical but not hugely different than college.

I feel like most first years guys complain about the mental side, the length of the season, and the wear and tear on the body due to playing basically playing for the Natty each week. But the actual violence on the field is not one that they seem to point out as a big difference.

The length of the season and the level of weekly competition is the huge difference.

BTW I do expect that with NIL involved the players will be pushing back. Now that they have a taste of the money sooner they will have more power and will be having demands. A kid making 300K a year at 18 will start to make business decisions sooner and will also ask why they are cracking their melon in practice all the time.


Exactly! OTA’s are basically a pajama party. Can’t even have a pillow fight, too violent.

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right - buuuut…NCAA doesn’t have rule “let’s see how hard we can ■■■■ the Lions”
…NFL does

Alabama has a light preseason scrimmage before their season opener against Texas. Then a load management week before opening the SEC schedule against Ole Miss. The BYE week comes between the Tennessee game and the LSU game. Then another load management week before the big rivalry game against Auburn.

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Anyone else hearing Dan in their head, “Challenge accepted.”


I wonder…
Since the college players are officially making tons of money, will they soon now craft thousands of rules to limit doing anything, as to protect their monies?

The players won’t even need to change NCAA rules to get things to swing their way. They can just go to the people with the money and complain. Some coaches will be reprimanded and threatened with replacement.


Not Saban

Am I the only one that thinks. Oh Boy … Gibbs is going to get worked hard moving forward.

Young kids gotta learn somehow!

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