Lions still need WR depth ahead of what looks to be another deep draft class

Lion have depth WR.
Lions need a Starter.

We needed WR even before Reynolds left, but him leaving made the media finally notice it.


They’re going to take over the AFC South next season. The Jags are in trouble.

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Just realized 14 minutes later, that I posted this in the wrong thread. My bad guys.

Jamo and St. Brown are the starters. But we do run 3 WR sets a lot. WR in the draft makes a lot of sense.

It really does, especially if you’re getting a guy that is already pretty sound. Doesn’t have to be a 1st rounder, either. Statistically, I think 2nd round WR’s are impacting teams in their 1st year at a clip comparable to 1st round WRs. I think the talent this year aligns pretty well with our biggest needs, WR, CB and OL. You don’t need the CB or OL to start this year, just the WR, so a top-60 pick there should get us where we want to be.


Yep depth chart of

2nd round Rook
Green (likely practice squad)

I’d be good with that. We know LaPorta and Gibbs are going to get a ton of targets too. They caught like 140 passes last year.

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80% of the Lions offense snaps had 3 WR’s on the field. We run a ton of 11 personnel.

WR is definitely a need especially with Jamo still an unknown and Leaf coming off injury.

I’m just not convinced we will go WR day one.


WR is a “semi”-deep class, I say that bc a number of them will be 24 year old rookies-which does not bother me if they are productive for at least six seasons…

I know he’s probably not the best fit, but the idea of Xavier Worthy’s speed on the field with Gibbs and Jamo is every Madden player’s wet dream. I wouldn’t be opposed to it >.>

An Auburn student wouldn’t have made that kind of mistake.

Right. They probably wouldn’t have internet while they’re out working in the pasture.

Cow college.

(I hate Michigan, but I’m starting to develop a solid Auburn hate as well.)

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Probably good gratuities for the servers. I’ve heard a good deal of hullabaloo about Cow Tipping.

I would be surprised if we didn’t come out of the first 2 days with a WR. May not be day 1, but this team is too good to not have better depth at WR.

I would too. There’s too much WR talent and it’s a need.

However at 29 I’m not convinced WR will be the BPA. I suspect the top 4 WR’s are off the board by the time we’re on the clock. Sure we could trade up or down and take one with our first pick.

But I’m thinking S, CB, or IOL might be the BPA on day one if we stay at 29.

@socko is a huge fan of cow tipping…

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