Lions Team as of 4/26/20

Looking at this team I am a little afraid of what this season will look like. On Offense the OL is not as good, you are not going to replace Glasgow with a rookie and Wagner is better than Big V. The tight end group is going to miss Logan Thomas. Lions are a little deeper at QB and WR and RB is a lot better. On Defense the Backfield looks a little better, LB’ers are probably a little deeper, the DL is much worse. The DE position will get some help with Romeo’s brother, but this DE position is not going to scare our opponents. The DT position is a cluster !@#$, there is nothing here but an average run stuffer in D. Shelton and possibly a healthy D. Hand. The rest of the DT’s are HOT GARBAGE! The Lions will bring in a new punter and we can only hope he can hold his own. Other than RB I do not see any real improvement. I hope that Lions can find some impactful players in the other teams scraps but I am not holding my breath. I like what the Lions did in the first 3 rounds of the draft but the later rounds were pathetic. I am seeing a .500 team at best out of this group. I hope i am wrong, but the DL looks pretty bad! What do you think?

I get questioning this team, I really do. But, I think this team was competitive with Stafford and it will be again if Stafford is healthy. Playoff victory, I’m calling it. Maybe more than one.


Have to cross our fingers and hope Hand and Shelton stay healthy.

Didn’t realize John Atkins played in the last 12 games, starting 6. His 409 defensive snaps was only behind Snacks and AShawn who tied with 527 snaps each. Daniels has 204 and Strong 172.


We have improved enough to challenge for the 3rd place spot of the NFCN this year. Maybe a tie for 2nd if everything goes our way.

I think we have the pieces to be a decent team, the key will be how many and for how long we can keep them healthy and on the field.

If your worries all come true, what would be the worst thing about it?

I think it’s rather clear Quinn didn’t go big in FA at DE because Young had a chance to be there, and knew between a later pick and what I believe is an upcoming FA signing afterwards, he can fill that other DE slot, making New Okwara depth.

I would expect that you will see a lot of passing downs with Flowers Hand Collins Davis Okwara and 5 dbacks plus a rotation for the 11th guy situationally. Another rusher would be good, but it’s not bad.

How so? A flat screen TV playing Tony Little infomercials would make a better offensive tackle than Ricky Wagner.

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Interesting there.

Can’t really say 2nd if everything goes our way, we’d be waiting a long time for that to happen. What you should have said “if everything doesn’t go Green Bay’s way, we’ll have a chance.”

Division is up for grabs IMO