Lions to get Houston Texans on T'Day

Confirmed I believe.

I saw another report that says wk 15 monday night vs Texans


Which rumor are you "Yuck"ing :slight_smile:

I am not going to get excited or upset about anything until the schedule is out

And even then I won’t be making plans until we have an idea if they games are going to happen.

Until we even start practicing I am not getting excited

Even though they went 10-6 last year, I don’t think they are that good. Maybe if JJ Watt stays healthy, but otherwise this game could be a shootout whenever they play it. Maybe it’ll boild down to who we ain’t got compared to who they ain’t got.

Texans are not an exciting opponent for a national game… I guess we’ll see.


We might win at least :slight_smile:

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Yeah, any game could turn out to be “one for the ages” so there’s that. More interested in perhaps Brady coming town…

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Yeah, I was hoping for Brady and the Bucs or a division opponent.

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Any given Turkey Day!


The ole BQ vs O’Brien draft episode hashed out on national TV