Lions top ten plays from NFL Network


Wow. The NFL is suddenly using streamable instead of YouTube? Wonder if the teams will follow suit? Interesting.


Interesting that they were able to find more than 1 play from the D. Sad that they were both vs the Bears. Also for you guys who still aren’t sure about Raymond, he had 3 of the plays.


Several players have said in post season interviews that the pick 6 by Okudah in the Bears game is a moment they look back on as a turning point in the season. They got on a high from that and rode it for the rest of the year.

I definitely would have put one of James Houston’s sacks on the top 10 list.


In my opinion you need guys like Raymond on your team if you’re trying to build a consistent winner.


Thanks for the link @TNutZz

Some great highlights

A few I remember that didn’t make the video

  • St. Brown between the legs/bobble catch vs Packers
  • Alim McNeil with the sideline diving block to allow a teammate to recover fumble
  • Kerby Joseph reaching one handed tip (vs Jets?)
  • POTY was Buggs strip fumble on 4th and 1 vs Vikings. That play should’ve made the top 10
  • Hutch INT vs Rodgers
  • The stuttering hop step from James Houston was a highlight worthy play.

That Goff throw at #2 was incredible! One of the best throws in the entire NFL 2022 season.

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Bro, that was a PHD-level football play.

That one handed tip might have been a GB play, but I probably trust your memory better than my own.


Jamo had none.

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That play was totally on the DL getting to the QB, had nothing to do with great coverage.

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