Lions trade No 55 to the Chiefs


The #Lions traded this pick to the #Chiefs, gave up pick 55 and 194 for picks 63, 122 and 249

Chiefs take:

Ari Meirov



The #Chiefs are selecting SMU WR Rashee Rice at pick No. 55. A new weapon for Patrick Mahomes. He had 96 catches, 1,355 yards and 10 TDs last season.

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I had the Lions taking this guy in rd. 3.

I am hoping for DT for this last 2nd rd. pick.

Darius Rush
Jake Moody

Thanks Cheifs!


Kobie Turner! or Ojomo!

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They be no DT they traded the pic, Holmes just left a hudge hole in the middle of his defense.

Or maybe Bo Wright

Must’ve used the Rich Hill chart on that trade—exactly even.

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Trying to see the point of getting more picks now. Do we need them? Future picks I get. Maybe we package them all to move up?

I think this is the ‘raising the floor’ draft. Not a lot of guys in this draft who are expected to be amazing, but a lot of guys better than we have now. Definitely going to be some camp battles.


I thought we might be interested in AA there?


Or Torrence for that matter?

Picked up the 122 pick?

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Yep and fell back from late 6 to 7

Oh screw it lol

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