Lions vs Bears - Winner could lead the division?

Min travels to NO.
GB travels to SF

Detroit Hosts CHI and there’s a strong possibility that the winner could start the season leading the division.

So far MP teams have come out flat vs NYJ and fell on their face vs ARZ. But this year needs to be different if you ask me. Winning this game could set the tone for this team to build on. Which I think they really need.

I strongly feel that MP can’t afford for his team to start slow this year. I believe BQ knew this and that’s why they went after mostly veterans to fill the biggest holes.

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One thing’s for sure - they’ll at least be tied for it. :wink:

Smart-assery aside, I think we’ve got a much better team, and a softer schedule.

I think the D will be okay, and the O should be awesome! (that’s what she said)

I think we can win the division this year

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Are you suggesting we could tie again to start the season?

Oh god … lol

Can you imagine that!

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Green Bay is at Minny week 1. :wink:

The Lions could end up in 1st by virtue of strength of victory, however. Stomp those Bears!

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Where did you get this info?

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Strength of schedule? Worried about who is in first place after one week? You can tell these are Lions fans talking, worried about stuff that no legit team fan base gives a shit about.
The Lions are 2-10 against division opponents under Patricia
Caldwell was 16-8 against NFC North teams.



The Lions have lost 9 straight games and 12 of their last 13. The Lions will most likely start 2-6 and the season will be over by week 9. OP is also looking at the wrong schedule… no idea where he is getting these matchups from.

Strength of victory, bud. Know your tiebreakers. :slight_smile:

Lighten up. Some fans take themselves too seriously. It’s a fricken game and we’re Lions fans. We have no impact on the outcome of the games. We can be happy to be in first after week one, if we can. Cripes.

Lol - you made me think of an old movie out there called “Amy’s O”! Not porn but pretty funny still!!

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LOL - back with more optimism and sunshine.

Love it

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Oh no! We’re not a legit team fan base - what the hell are we going to do?? Who can lead us out of this sorry condition? Answers please! Maybe we need to enter a legit team fanbase mentorship program. Maybe Pats fans will adopt us and teach us how to be a legit team fanbase?

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Some fans expect their teams to go out and win games to make statements. Other fans hope the other teams lose so their team can back into the playoffs, etc.


Ha ha … I got it off an NFL weekly news Email. - I guess the NFL Doesn’t even know who plays who.

Anyway the point remains.

Well you’re technically not wrong, GB does play in SF and Min plays in NO this season, just not in week 1.

Well, the Bears are leading the division with a 1-0 record.

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