Lions vs Cowboys vs 49ers will happen tomorrow

All 3 teams play tomorrow.

The Lions are 8-2.
The Cowboys and 49ers are 7-3.

And you can bet your ass the degree to which we play, and, hopefully win, will absolutely be measured against how both the Cowboys (vs. Washington) and 49ers (at Seattle) play.

i.e. if we smoke the Packers, and the Cowboys and 49ers are middling, or worse, lose, then we’ll reach the top echelon alongside Philly by the time next week rolls around and probably during the Sunday shows.

Here’s hoping.


Yep - tommorow will solidify the top four seed by 75% imho


Having them playing after us is an advantage. They have to think about that, right?

It could very well

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Commanders, Gaints and bears can all be eliminated tomorrow from the fictional races…

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