**Lions vs. Dolphins Game Day Thread**

I am hoping the defense can at least make a stop or 2. The Offense is going to have to fire on all cylinders to keep up today. I am sending loads of good luck to our CB’s today.


I think I’m going to watch this game with zero expectations of the team winning or doing anything well.

Might be easier to watch the game that way…


I’m having a hard time not rooting for the tank.

Anti-Tank Positives:

  1. We Keep Goff
  2. Dan & Brad Happy
  3. We get to cheer some wins
  4. Maybe free agents will come
  5. Everyone’s job is super secure

Anti-Tank Negatives:

  1. We Keep Goff (yes this appears on both lists)
  2. We lose out on Young/Anderson

Pro-Tank Positives:

  1. We Get Rid of Goff
  2. We Get a Real Franchise QB
  3. Everyone’s job is super secure (of course because Lions)

Pro-Tank Negatives:

  1. ?

Jerad Goff’s worse game as a Ram was on the road vs Miami, and honestly it was fugly

Miami thru my eyes don’t represent a cookie, not necessarily the team I’d prefer to face getting back on the road to scoring like the first 4 games but you’re at home, would love to see some scoring

OLine has their work cut out for them today, I actually believe your D will make a good showing

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Predicting a Lion win, playing maybe their best game of the year…just to friggin’ tease us for the rest of the season.

I feel like they’re going to win too, and this will be the last win until the Panthers game.

Put $50 on the Lions opposition for the 5th game in a row on a Dolphins win…at least this shitshow makes me some ez $ these days.

I do this every week because I am numb and cold.

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This team stinks. I’m playing for the #1 pick - Let’s go Phins!

I get it. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Florida…should be in a kayak or on a bike run…nope, not while my Lions are on TV

Aye Yoo. Don’t be looking at my D!

I think Detroit wins today.

Maybe…orrrr Glenn’s D get’s outcoached by McDaniels offense and Tua has the game of his career🤷‍♂️

I’m excited to finally have a win to enjoy this Sunday evening

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and then there is that…

It’s also my teenage son’s first Lions game, so they’re definitely going to win today.


Awkward The Office GIF


All this win talk. Only I believe in this team apparently. We’re going to do it. Our shovel is sharp and we have Hostess Twinkies. Pad level is fantastic. Let’s go.

They brought in extra Grit for this game also